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Prescription Drug  Addiction Treatment & Detox Center
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Prescription Drug  Addiction Treatment & Detox Center
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Prescription Drug  Addiction Treatment & Detox Center
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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment & Detox Center

Prescription Pill Detox

If you were to ask us what has become the most commonly abused drug people seek treatment for? Without any doubt it would be the ongoing epidemic from the misuse and abuse of prescription pills. There is probably a couple contributing factors to the significant rise of the prescription pill abuse problem.  The first reason is availability, Doctors have increased the amount of prescriptions being written and the amount prescribed over the last several years.

This also gave rise to the pill mills where people lie about their medical necessity to obtain multiple narcotic prescription pills like Vicodin, OxyContin, Hydrocodone, , , Percocet, and Fentanyl. Somas and various sleep aids from questionable doctors. Luckily, police officers and other government officials have cracked down on these types of practices but not all of them.

Another contributing factor is the public’s social acceptance for taking medications for all sorts of “disorders” which includes anxiety, depression and bipolar. From the high school kid who raided their parent’s medicine cabinet, to the fortune 500 executive who has problems sleeping at night and everyone in between. These pills do not discriminate.

If someone abuses these drugs there is only one common denominator. It will lead to the destruction of their lives and most of the time the lives of the closest people around them.  One of the most unfortunate problems with these pills is the fact eventually your body will become physical dependent regardless if you want to take them or not. You will not be able to function without taking them and having to take more just to feel the effects you seek.

It is common for us to see clients who come taking 10-20 prescription pills a day to feel normal and avoid the symptoms of withdrawal.  Regardless of the amount someone takes, abuse will lead to dependency which leads to a downward spiral of other detrimental issues which include health, family, financial and legal problems.

Bay Area Recovery Center has successfully treated individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol for over 20 years.  People need to know treatment does work and there is life after addiction.  Let us use our experience and expertise to develop a detox and treatment plan that is personalized to your situation.  The illness of addiction is not something you or your family should have to go through alone.  We can help. Call us now (713) 999-0116 or (281) 853-8715.

Understanding Drug Detoxification

For those who are addicted to drugs that would have major withdrawal symptoms, we offer drug detoxification. We provide a freestanding, medically based residential drug rehab program that is overseen by our staff physician. It is conducted in a safe, therapeutic environment where your well-being is assured. Substance abuse treatment activities include:

  • Medical history and physical exam
  • Full psychiatric evaluation
  • Stabilization planning
  • Regimented medication programs
  • Vitals monitoring for symptom reduction during the detox process
  • Preparation for follow-up treatment and ongoing recovery

We understand that the detox process from drugs and alcohol can be difficult and sometimes stressful, but it is critical to begin this process immediately. Selection of the appropriate detox medications and complete confidentiality are vital components that create a safe and humane detoxification process. Our goal is to help you through the withdrawal process as comfortably and as safely as possible. We are here to support you while you experience the symptoms and difficulties that come with drug rehab. Our drug rehab environment is a supportive and inviting community. It is a non-institutionalized setting, offering comfort as you begin the substance abuse treatment process. Our centers include private residences that are clean, modern, and comfortable with lush, well-kept grounds. There is an overall feeling of peacefulness and harmony in this environment that contributes to the success of our program. We help you to feel connected and safe throughout the detox process and we help transition you to the next phase of your substance abuse treatment program.

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