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Alumni and Friends

To anyone concerned with an alcohol or drug problem—our message is far more than sobriety. We are a group of people who are recovering and have recovered from a hopeless state of mind and body, which you need to know can happen to you.

Please join us for any of the free ongoing support meetings, that we offer to all of our alumni, for life.  Aside from the fellowship and sociability of the help given, each member devotes his or her efforts to help new ones. We no longer obsess over drug or alcohol and are happy in our sobriety because we no longer only think of ourselves—we focus on helping others and working out our problems through altruistic and spiritual endeavors. Through acts of faith and demonstrations of unselfish concern for others, God has reached us… we’ve found the solution; we’ve found that Faith with Works… is Faith that Works!

Bay Area Recovery Alumni Association group photo
Bay Area Recovery Alumni Association group photo

Straight from the Heart:

“Then I cried—I cried because there really does come a time when the only thing left to do is cry. I cried because I hurt… and hurt finally had no place to go… In the midst of my empty pain and battered spirit “the” prayer came from me… “God, Help Me.”

“The day I stepped across the threshold there was like some ‘Christmas’ magic in the air.”

“You spoke the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see… kindness.”

“Before I could care anything about what you knew, I knew that you cared. That reached me.”

“You cared enough about me to tell me the truth—the truth about what was wrong with me. And most of all you showed me the solution.”

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