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We are a Family Owned & Operated Alcohol & Drug Rehab Rehab Treatment Facility with several locations across Houston, TX. We are a full service treatment facility providing medically assisted detox, inpatient & outpatient treatment programs and interventionists for alcohol and drug abuse. We have have profesional addiction treatment specialists and medical professionals on staff for all drug & alcohol detox, inpatient and outpatient programs. Our treatment programs were created with 27 years of addiction treatment experience. We know what it takes to recover from drug & alcohol addiction and our primary goal is to give you the tools necessary to stay sober once you leave rehab, and offer a solution that allows the addict and alcoholic to regain their life before addiction. Our team are specifically well versed in treating opiate (Suboxone, heroin, Vicodin, prescription pills) related detox and rehabilitation. Including benzo, Xanax, alcohol detox and rehab. Call today and speak with a qualified addiction specialist who will answer any question regarding alcohol & your drug of choice treatment, and other services and admissions. We also offer the best self-pay rates guaranteed, and in-network benefits for most insurance carriers. We have rehabs in Central Houston, East Houston & South Houston.

We believe sobriety from alcohol and drugs start when you leave our facility and it is our job to equip every patient with the tools necessary to stay sober.  Call us for a free 1 on 1 consultation. We will explain our methods and what it takes to achieve life long sobriety for you or your loved one. This is free of charge and we will always be here when you need us. 

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Houston Alchol Rehab & Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Inpatient Rehab Programs

We offer a variety of inpatient programs for addiction to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, prescription pills, and other drugs. Our residential alcohol and drug treatment programs are supportive, with an inviting community to help you achieve your goals. Detox is just the first step to toward getting sober, treatment helps you stay sober. Click below for more:

Outpatient Rehab Programs
(IOP Programs)

Each week clients spend nine hours in interactive group counseling for chemical dependency and have at least one hour in an individual counseling session with a substance abuse counselor. The Intensive Outpatient Program addresses the needs of the client while they remain living at home.

Multiple Locations Available

We have alcohol & drug treatment programs across Houston, and surrounding areas. These include inpatient, outpatient, men and women only locations in Central Houston, East Houston, Pasadena and the Dickinson area. Give us a call today and we can help you get into the right treatment facility closest to your home. We work with drug courts, probation, employment and more.


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Why Us?

We’re different. As recovered addicts & alcoholics ourselves we have a certain kind of insight that you’ll find helps.

Our Process

We use the 12 step program found in the Big Book written by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ongoing Support

We offer daily meetings at both the Men’s and Women’s facilities to help you stay on the right track.

Connect With Us

Call us or fill out a contact form and we’ll help answer any questions you have about our processes.

Addiciton Treatment Program Facilities in and around Houston, TX

Not All Drug & Alcohol Rehabs Are The Same

Since 1992, Bay Area Recovery Center, a Texas based addiction treatment rehab center, has been improving the lives of men and women who suffer from addiction. The rehab centers in Houston, BARC offers a range of  addiction treatment programs, with a proven track record of success. This success is measured in years of sobriety. What we have learned over the course of our service to the community is that addiction doesn’t discriminate. Addiction can debilitate anyone regardless of their gender, age, or socio-economic status.

With an estimated 15 million adults suffering with some form of risk to a alcohol or addiction, chances are you know someone who is addicted to either alcohol, street drugs or prescription pills like xanax and fentanyl. Here in TX, we have seen a steady increase in the amount of men and women who are seeking help with their addiction. We also have seen a large increase in rehab’s offering services . As a patient you have to choose a rehab that will provide the solutions you need to stay sober when you exit treatment. Do not base your choice on amenities or location. Base it on experience, track record, and the people behind the scenes. It’s time to get to work on this deadly disease before it is too late.

Choose an Alcohol & Drug Rehab That Works

Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) is a residential and extended care facility located south of Houston, Texas. We have provided inpatient and outpatient treatment from chemical dependency for the better part of twenty-five years. We have five separate facilities, each offering a safe and welcoming environment for those who want to obtain freedom from chemical dependency. BARC’s Houston facilities are designed with a goal of total recovery and abstinence.

You might be asking yourself whether treatments actually work. This is the biggest fear of anyone who enters into a recovery program. Does alcohol and drug rehab actually work, or does it “manage” addiction to an acceptable level? This is a real question every patient and family member has to deal with. Rehab is not cheap, and the goal should be indefinite relief from addiction. Some rehabs provide a getaway, so that the patient can get out of their environment and work on themselves.  Others distract the patient while in rehab, and they do not offer the tools necessary to stay sober once they leave the treatment program.

The founders of Bay Area Recovery Center were themselves addicted to either drugs or alcohol at one time and have decades of sobriety to date. This is why our philosophy on addiction allows zero room for  “partial recovery,” or “managing down the addiction to an acceptable level.”  We are focused on long term recovery and education that will guide our patients when they re enter society. This is a complex subject to discuss and we are always available for a more detailed conversation to explain our treatment programs.

What Makes A Treatment Program Successful?

Our rehab has the highest success rate within the state. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  We believe in a very straightforward and pragmatic approach. Our addiction treatment programs are designed for the sole purpose of total recovery once life beings, and after rehab ends. Our goal at Bay Area Recovery Center is to provide the best treatment available, in an atmosphere where a client can achieve a life of meaning and purpose, free from chemical dependency. This is why we love to highlight that the majority of our patients stay sober when they leave treatment, and regularly visit to help other patients and provide them with hope. This is what we call success. Men and Women who re-enter society and are able to stay away from their addiction, help others, and be useful members of society and to their families.

Our Staff Makes the Difference. Firsthand Experience Matters.

A key to Bay Area Recovery Center’s success lies within our staff, many of whom were once addicts themselves. Through relating their own experiences with current clients they offer not only hope but practical testimony to the possibilities of successful alcohol and drug rehab. The counselors who serve in our Texas drug rehab program offer living proof and hope that sobriety can work for anyone.

Our staff also includes physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists and nurses. Everyone works as a team to provide treatment that brings results. They address the mental, physical, spiritual and psychological elements of the individual. At BARC, we are not a typical addiction treatment program.

The First Step to Recovery with BARC.

Usually the first step is to stage an intervention or the addict is seeking help and ready right now. They have to be ready to admit they have a problem and are sick and tired of living life addicted. We provide an intervention service in a safe yet effective atmosphere where the addicted person is confronted with the facts about their chemical dependency. Addressing the addiction is key for those who are afflicted with chemical dependency. This causes the addict to accept responsibility for their behavior. It also provides the opportunity for family and friends to show support to their loved ones while they voice their concerns in an atmosphere that is both constructive and very direct. If the addict is not ready, an intervention will put them on the track to realizing the truth about their addiction. The goal is to plant a seed and let the addict know there is hope beyond addiction.

Of course we know that every situation has its own unique characteristics, however the journey cannot begin if the addict does not want help. We have heard that there are many Texas drug rehab programs that administer their interventions with a cookie-cutter approach, not taking into account the particular characteristics of those who are about to enter into treatment. In speaking to those who have made this journey, this is not the way to handle a potential client. Neither is the understandable method of coddling the client by negotiating with the addictive behavior.

Many addiction treatment centers in Houston may try to work with patients and heal them on the patient’s “terms.” In our experience, we have found that when it comes to addiction, it is best to take a position of non-negotiation. This may cause tremendous friction; however, based on our experience, this is a good sign that your loved one will enter into an alcohol and drug rehab program. Any treatment facility should be able to handle staging an intervention. Do not sign up with a program that does not offer this crucial step.