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Houston Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Bay Area Recovery Center has decades of experience helping addicts recover from addiction. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs target the root cause of addiction. We are not a resort rehab or temporary reprieve from the world. We offer addiction treatment for individuals that are ready and serious about putting in the work to live a life of sobriety.


We offer competitive pricing and can work with most clients regardless if they are self pay or have insurance. We pride our selves on being one of the few rehabs that offer an honest solution.

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Male & Female Specific Rehabs

We have seperate rehab facilities for men and woman. Giving recovering patients a chance to focus on their recovery without distractions.

30 Years In Business

Experience matters. We have helped hundreds if not thousands of men and woman achieve sobriety long term over the decades. Call today and lets talk about the Bay Area difference.

Addiction Treatment Center Programs

Inpatient Rehab

We offer a variety of inpatient addiction treatment programs for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, synthetic marijuana, xanax, and any other substance being abused. Our residential alcohol and drug treatment programs are supportive, with an inviting community to help you achieve your goals. Detox is just the first step toward sobriety. Inpatient helps you stay sober and recover.

Outpatient Rehabs
(IOP Programs)

Each week clients spend nine hours in interactive group counseling for chemical dependency and have at least one hour in an individual counseling session with a substance abuse counselor. The Intensive Outpatient Program addresses the needs of the client while they remain living at home.

Medically Assisted Detox

Our treatment centers in Texas provide medically assisted alcohol and drug detox in the Houston area. This includes opiates, Xanax, heroin, cocaine and any other drug you may need to remove from your system. Our medical staff is always on call and working with our patients to alleviate the worst of their symptoms during detox. We work with drug courts, probation, employment, and more.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Houston

Why Choose Bay Area Recovery Center?

As recovered addicts and alcoholics ourselves, we have a deeper insight and perspective than other licensed professionals, which can make a big difference in your successful recovery. We use cutting-edge philosophies combined with down-to-earth, straightforward principles to effectively treat addiction.

What Does Long Term Recovery Mean?

Achieving long term recovery means abstaining from drugs or alcohol for at least five years. At our alcohol and drug rehab in Texas, we feel confident that you can achieve this.

What is the Ultimate Goal of Your Drug Rehab in Texas?

Our end goal is to help you free yourself from chemical dependency. Our process focuses on improving your overall quality of life. With this commitment, we strive to provide the most effective treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction in the area.

What our clients have to say

Why Us?

We’re different. As recovered addicts & alcoholics ourselves we have a certain kind of insight that you’ll find helps.

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Are you ready to consider your drug and alcohol rehab options? Are you interested in learning about one of our programs? Call us or fill out a contact form and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our center and the recovery process.

Rehab Centers in and around Houston, TX

Men’s Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab 

Dickinson location of Bay Area Recovery Center

1807 FM 517 Rd E Dickinson, TX 77539

Map & Directions

Houston Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Houston location of Bay Area Recovery Center

1100 Hercules Ave #130 Houston, TX 77058

Map & Directions

Houston Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab

Houston location of Bay Area Recovery Center

2915 S Sam Houston Pkwy E #300, Houston, TX 77047

Map & Directions

Bay Area Recovery Center – Outpatient Counseling

The Woodlands Outpatient Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

431 Nursery Rd Suite A200, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Map & Directions

Pasadena Outpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Pasadena location of Bay Area Recovery Center

6427 Fairmont Pkwy #104 Pasadena, TX 7750

Map & Directions