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Drug Addiction Interventionist Services in Houston, TX

Experienced Drug and Alcohol Interventionists

So you’re interested in staging an intervention in Houston, TX. Are you watching your loved one fade away? Does it seem everyone knows about the problem but your loved one? If you are waiting for him or her to “snap out of it,” you may be sorely disappointed, and the bottom that’s hit could be death.

An alcohol or drug addiction intervention may save your loved one’s life. Get help today from professional interventionists at Bay Area Recovery Center. We can assist you in planning, staging, and carrying out the intervention every step of the way.

We Can Help You Plan, Stage, and Carry Out an Intervention

Staging an Intervention: How We Can Help You

As you know, most addicts under the spell of alcohol or drugs probably won’t ask for help on their own — part of the illness is the inability to recognize the need for help. But there is something you can do.

Through our professional drug and alcohol addiction intervention services, our trained counselors can help you and your family hold an alcohol or drug addiction intervention in one of our Houston, Texas facilities, or in one of the rehabilitation centers in Pasadena, Clear Lake, Pearland, Houston, Dickinson, or The Woodlands.

Through family intervention, continued family participation, and professional substance abuse and addiction guidance, you can help your loved one begin the road to recovery today.

Why Plan an Intervention?

Helping a loved one who is battling any addiction is difficult. A direct, honest discussion is sometimes all they need to kickstart their journey to recovery.

The goal of an intervention for drug addicts is to help your loved one recognize the reality and extent of their addiction so that they realize it is a problem for the ones they love, and they agree to get treatment. It is an opportunity for friends and family to do something constructive for the addict, rather than being helpless, passive, or enabling the individual’s addiction.

With the help of drug intervention specialists at Bay Area Recovery, your loved one will have a team of professionals who will offer constant support on their path to sobriety.

How Does an Intervention Work?

An intervention is a carefully planned process that ends with confronting a loved one about the effects of their addiction. A poorly thought-out intervention could make things worse because your loved one might feel threatened, feel alienated, or immediately say no treatment. Usually, an addiction intervention involves the following course of action:

  1. Plan: It’s best to consult professional interventionists to help you organize an effective plan.
  2. Gather information: Determine the extent of the addiction and research treatment options.
  3. Form a team of the best interventionists: A successful team will include family members and non-family members to help keep the conversation on track and share solutions instead of emotional reactions.
  4. Decide what to say: Talk about the consequences of your loved one’s behavior and express your desire to help them seek help.
  5. Hold the drug addiction intervention: At the drug addiction intervention, take turns expressing how you feel. Once that is finished, present a treatment option and request that they accept it immediately.

Do I Need a Professional Addiction Counselor’s Help for an Intervention?

While it is not required, we highly recommend getting help from a licensed counselor because:

  1. The person receiving the drug or alcohol intervention is often in denial and unwilling to cooperate.
  2. The chances of the person relapsing from trying to quit cold turkey are much higher than if they receive treatment at a professional drug rehabilitation facility.
  3. Having professional support and guidance are important should anything unexpected happen.

For these reasons, it is important to have professionals helping with the intervention. If you’re planning a drug or alcohol intervention in Houston, the experienced counselors at Bay Area Recovery Center can provide support and guidance during this milestone to help them get and stay sober.

How to Stop Enabling & Rescuing the Addict

As the best interventionists, we provide a systematic approach that helps addicts truly recognize crossroads and empowers them to be strong for their loved ones. It will be important for you to stop rescuing and enabling the addict, this only allows him or her to continue current behaviors. This may be difficult, but it is a necessary part of the process.

Mother and daughter at intervention

We’ll help you gather friends and family to support the intervention, time it when the addict is sober (if possible), and explain clearly what the drug abuse has caused and what you will do if he or she doesn’t get help. Remember, if addicts could stop on their own, they would have already. This is your opportunity to be actively involved in the recovery process.

How Do I Hold an Intervention in Houston?

intervention help for drug and alcohol addiction

Every situation is unique and different. There is no manual for an intervention. The best advice we can give you is to be black and white about it. Addicts don’t want to talk about the black and white issues – they only want to talk about the gray areas in between.

Be straightforward. Be direct. Be black and white. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. Tell them to get help – period.

What are the Odds They Will Agree to Treatment After a Drug Addiction Intervention?

We can tell you from experience that they’ll usually get help. In fact, we’ve found it’s much more difficult to convince family members to be black and white about the issues than it is to convince addicts to get help.

It’s okay if they get mad; that means they are going to make a change. They may put up a fight, but probably not a very good one. They are waiting for someone to say no to them and make it stick.

Getting Help for Yourself and the Addiction

Once you hold the alcohol or drug addiction intervention, the best thing you can do is seek counseling for both you and the addict. They have to choose to recover on their own, but you also have to know how to support them throughout the recovery and afterward.

At Bay Area Recovery, we’ll assist you in providing continuous support for your loved one. You will have a group of counselors by your side; we won’t let you handle it by yourself.

Getting Help From Professional Interventionist

If you would like help holding an addiction intervention, please contact Bay Area Recovery Center today. As always, we unconditionally respect and protect your privacy.

Once you’ve held an alcohol or drug intervention and they’ve agreed to professional care and counseling, what happens next? Rest assured – you both will learn how to get well. Please contact us to set up an addiction intervention today.

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