Our Drug and Alcohol Programs

Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) has successfully treated the chemically dependent since 1992. Our drug and alcohol treatment philosophy incorporates a variety of clinical components to create a comprehensive and effective treatment program. The components include detox, individual therapy and group therapy.

Treatment Programs We Offer Include:

Our clinical staff is comprised of dedicated professionals led by Dr. Patricia Corke M.D., who is an addictionologist and psychiatrist with 44 years of experience in Houston, TX.

Our clinical staff also includes registered nurses, social workers, a licensed professional counselor, licensed chemical dependency counselors, counselor interns and substance abuse technicians.

Employing a strong team of experienced professionals, we allow families to have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will have the highest level of care during their stay at our drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Recovering from Addiction

Bay Area Recovery Backyard

We strongly believe that in order for treatment to be successful, each client’s individual circumstances must be taken into consideration. Everyone comes to us with a unique story and their road to healing differs as well. Thus, while our drug and alcohol treatment programs are primarily designed to address the client’s addiction, the staff works closely with them during all stages of treatment and addresses their individual needs as they arise, using modalities that the client responds to.

In our facilities near Houston, our goal is to have the client discontinue their abuse patterns and rebuild their lives using the programs for drug and alcohol treatment that we provide. Our additional objectives include improving mental and physical energy, increasing their understanding of personal responsibility, developing a connection with the world around them, improving the ability to take care of themselves, identifying spiritual beliefs and connections and enhancing mental clarity and focus.

Our Houston area drug treatment centers are conveniently located and we we accept patients from all over the country.

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