Reality Of Unintentional Drug Poisoning In The U.S.

Almost any drug can become lethal poison when accidentally ingested or taken in amounts that exceed healthy limits. Another cause of unintentional poisoning is found when the elderly mistakenly take the wrong drug to treat a chronic condition. But, of all the accidental overdoses, opioids are causing the largest increase in accidental overdoses that lead […]

Strength in Numbers – Your Sober Support Team

Individuals that are on the path towards living a clean and sober lifestyle will find it very useful to put extra effort into creating a sober support system before living an in-patient treatment center. Upon leaving a substance abuse treatment program, the structure at home and work can be stressful to a recovering addict or alcoholic. […]

Facing Grief And Loss In Recovery

Facing the loss of a loved one while in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction can be a powerful relapse trigger, especially for those in the early stages of recovery.  Loss and grief are a normal part of life and powerful emotions of sadness and despair can occur after the death of a family member or friend, […]

The Dangers of a Codependent Drug Abusing Relationship

Codependency in a drug abusing relationship is characterized by the sober partner fixated on helping the addict meet their needs, to the detriment of their own. It’s a family issue that is very common, fueled by the emotional fact that is difficult for anyone to watch a loved one spiral out of control. As the codependent […]

Is Drug Abuse Sending More Babies Into Foster Care?

A heartbreaking trend of more infants and toddlers being thrust into foster care has child welfare professionals on high alert. Many experts are drawing links to the opioid and methamphetamine addiction crisis that has devastated families across the country. With the nation’s welfare system already strained, rampant drug addiction continues to force more young children […]

Size and Scope of Houston Drug Busts Increasing

It is estimated that well over half of the people that are currently in prison or jail have substance abuse issues. And, one of the more common ways that drug addicts fuel their addiction is by selling drugs or committing other crimes. When a drug addict moves from using drugs to selling or manufacturing drugs, they […]

The Challenges of Dual Diagnosis in Drug Treatment Programs

The phenomenon of persons who struggle with both a mental health issue and substance abuse, or Dual Diagnosis is actually very common.  When an addiction co-occurs with a psychological disorder, often the patient may not realize ​the existence of the mental issues due to the overwhelming dominance of the substance abuse and its specific behaviors. The reality is that […]

The Pros and Cons of Needle Exchange Programs

It is no secret that opioid use is on the rise in communities across the country. Illegal substance abuse in rural, urban, and suburban homes that may have begun with a prescribed pain killer is now being affected by a national tightening of opioid-based pharmaceuticals. The unfortunate collateral damage has resulted in an epidemic of “pill to […]