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Size and Scope of Houston Drug Busts Increasing

It is estimated that well over half of the people that are currently in prison or jail have substance abuse issues. And, one of the more common ways that drug addicts fuel their addiction is by selling drugs or committing other crimes. When a drug addict moves from using drugs to selling or manufacturing drugs, they […]

The Challenges of Dual Diagnosis in Drug Treatment Programs

The phenomenon of persons who struggle with both a mental health issue and substance abuse, or Dual Diagnosis is actually very common.  When an addiction co-occurs with a psychological disorder, often the patient may not realize ​the existence of the mental issues due to the overwhelming dominance of the substance abuse and its specific behaviors. The reality is that […]

The Pros and Cons of Needle Exchange Programs

It is no secret that opioid use is on the rise in communities across the country. Illegal substance abuse in rural, urban, and suburban homes that may have begun with a prescribed pain killer is now being affected by a national tightening of opioid-based pharmaceuticals. The unfortunate collateral damage has resulted in an epidemic of “pill to […]

What Can Be The Challenges of Expanding Rural Addiction Treatment Programs?

Throughout the country, in areas both urban and rural, waiting lists for addiction recovery centers are long—and growing. But for those in rural areas, the potential obstacles that lie between a person struggling with addiction and a treatment program targeted to their needs and budget can seem nearly insurmountable. Fewer Providers Many newly-minted psychologists and […]

Is Alcohol-Related Liver Disease Rising?

According to a study conducted by the British Medical Journal, the number of deaths caused by liver diseases in the United States has risen sharply in the past two decades. Researchers found that cirrhosis-related deaths went up 65 percent between 1999 and 2016; the same period saw the number of deaths resulting from liver cancer double. […]

What Is Texas’s Prescription Drug Disposal Program?

The nationwide opioid crisis continues to batter the Lone Star State, with both rural and urban parts of Texas experiencing record numbers of opioid-related overdoses. In 2016, nearly 3,000 Texans died of drug overdoses, with 1,375 of these deaths directly attributable to opioids. As part of a multifaceted response to this problem, Texas public health […]

Can Quitting Smoking During Addiction Treatment Improve Outcomes?

Since the earliest days of Alcoholics Anonymous, with coffee flowing and cigarette smoke pooling in the rafters, tobacco use and addiction recovery have seemed indelibly interlinked. A daily cigarette (or pack) can provide those who are struggling with addiction a much-needed physical and mental refuge, a single vice to be retained after giving up all other addictive […]

How to Handle Chronic Pain While Remaining Sober?

If you are one of the 100 million Americans who are afflicted with chronic pain, you may struggle every day to perform basic tasks–and this obstacle to living a full and active life is even greater if you are also in recovery for addiction to alcohol or drugs. When faced with chronic, ongoing pain, it […]