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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center
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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center
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Marijuana Addiction Treatment Center

Without much debate Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal drug in Texas as well as the US.  Marijuana grows in the form of a plant. As the plant matures it flowers or produces “buds.” The buds contain a chemical known as Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.  THC is the active ingredient that allows its users experience the “high” or altered physical and mental effects when consumed. Marijuana farmers or growers will generally grow multiple plants at a time in which they seek to yield the largest amount of buds along with the highest levels of THC within the buds from their plants.

Most of the time Marijuana is the first drug people are introduced to and typically takes place during their middle school or high school years. I’m sure you have heard marijuana over the years being referred to as “the gateway drug.” Gateway meaning people who use Marijuana are more susceptible to start trying other drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, prescription pills ect…  Obviously coming from our view point being recovered addicts ourselves this is often true but not always the case.  There are people out there that strictly use Marijuana and have not or have no desire to use anything else.

How do people commonly use or ingest Marijuana?

Most people use Marijuana by smoking it. Broken up pieces of Marijuana can be rolled up into cigarette paper often referred to a joint or cigar paper referred to as a blunt. Another way people use Marijuana is by smoking it out of a pipe or water pipe (bong) this is often referred to as smoking a bowl. More recently with the introduction of vaporizing electronic cigarettes has allowed people to ingest THC in a form of liquid vapor or hash oil without actually having to inhale smoke. This falls under the process referred to as Dabbing. Dabbing is the process which people will extract the THC in resin form out of marijuana by using butane. It’s important to note that this process generally yields higher THC levels than normal Marijuana and the amount people have to ingest to feel its effects are significantly lower. There are a few different types of this extract.  1) Shatter – typically a hard solid resin that is dark or amber in color.  2) Wax or Budder – typically softer consistency like butter or a paste. 3) Hash Oil – dark sticky liquid with herbal aroma. People ingest these extracts by smoking out of special pipes called dab rigs, oil rigs or vapor bongs. Edibles have been around for a long time.  Everyone has heard of pot brownies.  These edibles became popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s during the rise of the hippie movement. Now days there are a much wider variety of edibles available to people like breads, cakes, cookies, chocolate bars and even different types of candies.

Other Common or Street Names:

Pot – Weed – Dope – Grass – Cannabis – Herb – Bud – Chronic – Hydro – Skunk – Nugs – Not to mention all the names of different specific strains of marijuana developed over the years.

How to identify if someone is under the influence or may use Marijuana on a regular basis:

  • Changes in normal personality
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Shorter attention span
  • Tired or lethargic
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry mouth or cotton mouth
  • Slower reaction time
  • Increased pulse
  • More talkative or overly giggly
  • Looses track of time
  • More secretive
  • Excessive cologne or body spray
  • Increased paranoia, anxiety or panic

Look out for paraphernalia around the house or vehicle:

  • Remnants of marijuana often called “shake” on floors, tables or desks tops. Will look like small leafy crumbs.
  • Pipes or bongs
  • Cigarette rolling papers
  • Cigars, usually cheap and flavored
  • Lighters
  • Visine or eye drops
  • Small plastic baggies or cellophane wrappers from cigarette boxes


Bay Area Recovery Center has successfully treated individuals dependent on drugs and alcohol for over 20 years.  People need to know treatment does work and there is life after addiction.  Let us use our experience and expertise to develop a detox and treatment plan that is personalized to your situation.  The illness of addiction is not something you or your family should have to go through alone.  We can help. Call us now (713) 999-0116 or (281) 853-8715.

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Mark SwansonMark Swanson
16:28 06 Nov 23
Disclaimer: DO NOT waste your time here UNLESS you are SERIOUS about RECOVERING from DRUG & ALCOHOL use and abuse. Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) is a topnotch facility, program & staff for those who are ready to confront and recover from their addictions to drugs and/or alcohol.BARC is designed to provide onsite and follow up regiments that work if you work them. Cost friendly, BARC accepts most insurances, ask for Billy when you call.Speaking from experience, I highly recommend BARC for anyone, regardless of addiction issue or background. They will help you reclaim your life!
Joe Davis IIIJoe Davis III
17:06 02 Nov 23
This Recovery Center is by far the best Recovery place I have ever been, they you about the illness of alcoholism and the solution of the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous in the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous. As long as your willing, open minded, and honest. You can get what they have of a spiritual awakening/experience. Everyone that works there has been through the house and knows the struggles you are going through and you will be able to relate with you. There is no judgement.
Matt CarterMatt Carter
16:32 27 Oct 23
This place is probably the most important place I've ever had the fortune to visit. When I showed up here a year ago, I was bitter, selfish and a shadow of who I thought I was. If you or a loved one needs or wants to make a change, I can't recommend it more. The system they have here and the groups can genuinely help, even if you aren't fully willing, the messages will stick and make a new start possible.
Kyle JohnsonKyle Johnson
19:53 16 Oct 23
I checked in Bay Area Recovery in May 2023, I went into House 3 for inpatient help with alcohol and drug addiction. What I found at Bay Area is a warm and loving group of people that really care about the clients. It's a family I never knew I had. These people rolled out the red carpet for me and made me feel at home. They showed me how to get sober with the 12-steps of AA and gave me the necessary tools to stay sober, taught me a new way of life. I am eternally grateful to Bay Area Recovery and the staff.If anyone needs help this is the place to be. Everyone at Bay Area has been through this program and completely understands.Thanks for everything.Kyle Johnson
Patrick AbernathyPatrick Abernathy
22:24 11 Oct 23
If anyone is needing help I highly recommend barc. They helped my son get off drugs. The people there are the best in particular Billy. He is doing so well almost 2 years clean I'm so proud of him. If anyone needs help go there.
Michael WebberMichael Webber
18:21 03 Oct 23
Houses 1 and 3 were both great places to stay.Bay Area Recovery Center is very thorough and led by seasoned veterans.I wish I had come here much sooner.Thank you especially to Billy Smith, Blake Dittman, Joe Becnel, Greg Joinier, and Joe Shipley.

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