What Obstacles Can Keep You Away from Rehab?

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Around six percent of the U.S. population struggles with some sort of substance abuse disorder—but despite these high addiction rates, seeking treatment and maintaining sobriety can be tough. There are thousands of reasons that substance abuse treatment may not work for one specific person, but many of those who have tried (and failed) to achieve lasting sobriety cite some common obstacles.

How Does Detoxification Effect Your Body?

Whether you’re ending your reliance on alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine, or some combination of these or other drugs, withdrawal can be incredibly tough on your body and spirit. The physical side effects of withdrawal can range from flu like symptoms to (in rare cases) heart failure. The physical symptoms of withdrawal can often be so overwhelming that those struggling with addiction will relapse just to find some relief.

Detoxing under medical supervision can help mitigate some of the adverse physical and mental effects of withdrawal. Having a medical on staff on hand to treat each symptom of withdrawal will make the process much easier on your body.   With medical staff available you can have confidence that any adverse effects can be managed easily and quickly

How Do I Pay for Addiction Treatment?

Planning to pay out of pocket for residential substance abuse treatment can set you back, especially if you need to take an unpaid leave of absence from your job while you’re in treatment. For many who are struggling with addiction, the “list price” for treatment may be enough to stop this train of thought in its tracks.

Don’t be so quick to write off treatment due to what you think it might cost. If you have health insurance (either through an employer, the Affordable Care Act, or your state’s Medicaid program) it’s possible that some substance abuse treatment may be covered. Call the number on the back of your insurance card to learn more about your options or contact a local treatment center to see whether they accept your insurance.

Even if insurance won’t cover your stay at a residential treatment facility, you may be able to think outside the box to find a source of funding. Crowdfunding websites can be one option to raise money for substance abuse treatment, especially if you have a strong support system who’s rooting for your success.

How Do I Maintain Sobriety After Treatment?

Often, addiction has as much of a social component as a physical component. If you return from substance abuse treatment to hang out with the same group with whom you were using, it’s unlikely your sobriety will last long.

Having a strong support network is key to maintaining your sober lifestyle. Often, this can mean ending relationships with toxic friends, starting a new job, getting new hobbies, attending meetings, or seeking out a fresh start that gives you a new lease on life.

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