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Dealing with Drug & Alcohol Addiction in the Family

Modern society is dealing with the realities of chemical dependency through a variety of drug rehab programs. Chemical dependency is a disease that can impact anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnic identification and or religious beliefs. No one is immune from substance abuse. Treatment centers are assisting those from all walks of life and economic levels, offering hope as well...

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What Makes Bay Area Recovery DIfferent than other treatment centers?

If you are looking for an alcohol & drug treatment in and around Houston, it is because it is time for a change. Either you or a loved one need compassionate care that is going to make a difference. You should have a proven substance abuse treatment program. Most of all, you need someone that can make a real difference....

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Bay Area Recovery Response to COVID-19

Dear BARC Community: Though times surrounding COVID-19 are changing rapidly every day, our services are here. Our services are evolving with consideration to CDC, HHS, State, and local government guidance to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible while maintaining all rules and regulations. Our Outpatient Services remain fully functional, though we have switched to Telehealth until further...

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How Gender-Sensitive Drug Treatment Can Improve Outcomes

A recent UMass Amherst study published in Addictive Behaviors has revealed that delving deeper into the triggers of someone struggling with opioid addiction can inform treatment and improve outcomes. Many of these triggers can be gender-specific, requiring tailored advice and support services to overcome. Learn more about how this research could assist those struggling with opioid addiction and other types of addiction. What Did the Addiction Study...

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Can You Recognize A Loved One’s Struggle With Alcohol?

Many holiday family gatherings include alcohol as a main refreshment. And during the holiday season, indulgence—and sometimes even overindulgence—can be the norm rather than the exception. But sometimes, the subject of who drinks how much and when can be a touchy one. When should you be concerned about a family member's relationship with alcohol this holiday season, and what should you do...

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