James Havel Sr.

LCDC, Outpatient Counselor

James has been a part of the Bay Area Recovery team for over a decade. He currently provides counseling services at our Pasadena Outpatient location. As a recovered alcoholic and addict himself, James uses his vast knowledge of addiction to help educate those who need it. Anyone around BARC would tell you one of his best qualities is his selflessness. No matter if you’re a client, colleague, friend or family if you need help James will be there regardless of the situation. He is active in the AA community and sponsors alumni meetings outside of work. You can also call him if you ever need a hand with a construction project because he’s a heck of a carpenter too.

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What to Expect After Alcohol or Drug Detox

If you’re here, chances are you or a loved one have been struggling with alcohol abuse or drug addiction, but are now considering or currently undergoing treatment. Because of the complex and multifaceted nature of addiction (not to mention its effects on the body), detoxification from these substances and what it entails is a major concern – and understandably so. ...

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