Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Services

Outpatient Rehab Programs Offer Convenient Care for Those in Need

If you or a family member suffers from addiction, then you know that outpatient rehab might be a good choice. Many addicts also hold jobs, maintain a family life, and keep up a daily routine, all while battling their addiction. This is true of those who have “minor” addictions or who have been addicts for so long that they have learned to function despite the disease. However, this type of lifestyle is still destructive to one’s health, their daily lives, and their family.

Addiction does not just hurt the person who is consumed by it. It also hurts everyone around him or her. Employers and friends may notice a change in the person. Family members see first-hand what the drugs do to the person who abuses them. Oftentimes, they can become aggressive and irrational if they are not able to obtain their fix. All of this can be very harmful and painful for both the addict and their loved ones. Outpatient rehab offers options for those dealing with addiction amid their everyday lives. Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment

Many addicts feel trapped as though there is no way out. Fortunately there is a way out and help available, even in the darkest of times. Based in Houston, Texas, Bay Area Recovery Center offers support and rehabilitation options to addicts. We offer an outpatient program that is designed around the lives of those who work and need help.

Intensive Outpatient Therapy for When You are Ready for Help

Our Intensive Outpatient Therapy, also known as our IOP Program, is here for those who are ready to stand up and make a change in their lives. Our outpatient treatment is designed around those who work, attend school, or have other obligations. There are two programs with varying levels of involvement depending on your needs and what will work best for you. Both men and women of varying ages, backgrounds, and socioeconomic levels can benefit from our outpatient program. After all, addiction is an affliction that knows no boundaries.

The goal of our outpatient rehab is complete abstinence from the drugs and/or alcohol that has taken over your life. The biggest step is identifying and solving the emotional and behavioral issues that have led to the substance abuse and is the underlying cause for the continued use. Therefore, the majority of our intensive outpatient therapy is devoted to group and individual counseling. The counseling is comprehensive, intense and frequent. Some people need more help during different times of the recovery process or during harder times in life and our IOP program is there for you when you need the help most.

With our outpatient rehab option, we have an entire team that works as your advocate. This team is a combination of doctors, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, nurses, and other mental health workers. Everyone has your best interests at heart and work to get you the help you need. This is done through our customized outpatient program, based on individual and group counseling and other activities. At Bay Area Recovery, we can help you achieve mental, physical, spiritual, and psychological healing and growth.

Dangers of Chemical Addiction

Drug addiction is sometimes hard to identify because the point of where recreational drug use crosses over into addiction is a blurred line. However, the damage that drugs can cause a person and their families are recognizable. These dangers are far-reaching, ranging from an individual level to a national one. Our IOP program serves to address these dangers with treatment and support. The term drug can refer to any chemical substance that affects your feelings and perceptions, alters your brain chemistry, or changes the way your body functions. This includes medications, illegal street drugs, and even alcohol.

There are certain factors that make certain people vulnerable to addiction:

  • A mental disorder such as depression and schizophrenia

  • A low sense of self-worth and a tendency to respond to peer pressure

  • Exposure to high levels of stress

  • Exposure to an environment where drugs are readily available and drug use is accepted

There are also phases of addiction:

  • Tolerance is where your body gets used to a certain amount of the drug and you find yourself needing more drugs to get the effect you want.

  • Psychological dependence is when you feel disoriented, edgy or unable to function when you cannot take the drug. It does not necessarily mean that you are physically dependent on the drug.

  • Physical dependence is where your body experiences strong withdrawal symptoms when you stop using the drug such as nausea, vomiting, shaking, or seizures.

  • Addiction is often defined by a compulsive need to seek and obtain the drug of choice. It is also defined by the dangers it presents to the user including physical illness, threat of violence, exposure to crime, destruction of personal relationships, and loss of personal integrity.

You are also at risk of accidental or self-inflicted injuries, motor vehicle accidents and sexually transmitted diseases. These factors can make it even more difficult to seek help for your drug problem because you have either stopped caring about how it affects your health or you feel powerless to stop the damage. It can be hard to make wise decisions such as seeking a good outpatient rehab facility and sticking with the intensive outpatient therapy, when you are addicted. A good IOP program will help you to overcome the addiction and cope without the use of drugs in your life.

What to Expect in Outpatient Rehab

We offer a caring, comfortable, and non-restrictive environment in which you interact with others. We have ensured that our programs provide a high level of support, interactive therapy, and a great deal of education. You will learn the side effects of drug and alcohol addiction, including the impact it has on friends and family. Friends and family to be active participants in your recovery because they are a big part of your life and it is important that your healing and growth includes them.

In addition to our IOP program, your friends and family will also be your biggest support system. It will take their understanding and love to help you overcome the addiction and get your life on track.

Drug abuse takes an emotional toll on a relationship and trust is often broken by an addict’s erratic, dishonest, and even violent behavior. Restoring the precious relationships in your life can take a lot of time and emotional energy. Our professional therapists can help you bridge the gap created by your addiction so that you can initiate honest communication with those you love and care about.

Our intensive outpatient therapy is very intense and thorough. However, this may be what you need in the beginning when you start the outpatient program towards recovery. This IOP program gives you constant interaction with people and your team. Each week, you will spend nine hours in interactive group counseling sessions for chemical dependency and have a minimum of one hour in an individual counseling session.

We also offer a supportive Outpatient Program that is more like a continuing support program for those who feel that they grow and heal better on their own or for those who have a great support system. This outpatient treatment program consists of interactive group counseling three hours a week and individual counseling on a monthly basis. These programs are designed to address your needs while you continue to live at home and go to work or school, and handle your daily responsibilities. For some, this is the best way for them to heal because they learn to cope in real time with situations in their own lives.

About Bay Area Recover Center

We are a residential and extended care facility for those with additions to drugs, pills, and alcohol. We are fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Our facilities provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the relief from and treatment of chemical dependency whether you choose in-house or outpatient treatment. We combine cutting edge philosophies with straightforward principles that have a proven track record as the most effective treatment for alcoholism and addiction.

Our outpatient program is especially helpful to those who are suffering from addiction while balancing their everyday lives. We are dedicated professionals and are committed to the care and improvement of human life. You may not feel like addiction is treatable. However outpatient treatment proves otherwise. You may also feel like you are fighting a battle between the part of you that wants to recover and the part that is intent on destruction. Despite this, hope and help can be found with the right outpatient treatment plan.

For those who feel that they are destined to live a life dependent on these chemicals, we are here to tell you that this is not true and help is here for you! You do not have to fight the battle alone. We believe the approach, delivery, and atmosphere for inpatient and outpatient rehab is one of the most important elements in achieving success. Our facilities are clean, modern, and comfortable with lush, well-kept grounds. Our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs and we provide the highest quality care to each person who comes to see us. We have experienced success due to our commitment, approach, and understanding of addiction.

The First Steps

Denial is a big part of addiction. You may have convinced yourself that you are perfectly okay despite weight loss, heart palpitations, paranoia, dental problems and other physical and mental conditions associated with drug abuse. Realizing that you have a problem and seeking help is the biggest step you can take towards recovery.

The next step is getting involved in a quality IOP program such as the ones we offer here. Talking to one of our professionals about your addiction and letting us put together an outpatient treatment program tailored to your needs will put you on the path to recovery faster. Then, staying committed to the outpatient program is the third step. Using the techniques and tools you learn in counseling for your daily life will help you heal and deal with the things that you formally used drugs to overcome. You will also find yourself and acquire a new purpose in life.

Although our intensive outpatient therapy sessions may come to an end at some point, your recovery does not. It is a choice every day to make that day a sober one. Plus, if you ever feel like you may slip back into chemical abuse and addiction, our doors are always open and we welcome you back with open arms. We want you to succeed so we have designed our outpatient rehab programs as a way to build friendships and connections instead of just a way to receive treatment.

If you are ready to take the step towards recovery, consider outpatient rehab and give us a call. Our doors are always open to getting you the help you seek. We can discuss your addiction, determine if outpatient treatment is right for you, and put together an intensive outpatient therapy program that is customized to your needs. We believe in our outpatient program because we feel that the more consistency you have in your life during the time of treatment, the more successful your rehabilitation will be.

There is no need to quit your job or leave your loved ones for an extended period of time. Outpatient rehab works when the medical professionals are committed to your healing and growth and you are committed to the IOP program. We have a successful track record of helping addicts recover from their disease, based on the twelve-step program. Let us help you make your recovery a success through our outpatient rehab program.

 Intensive Outpatient Program

Each week, intensive outpatient clients spend nine hours in interactive group counseling for chemical dependency and have at least one hour in an individual counseling session.

Supportive Outpatient Program

Each week, outpatient clients spend three hours in interactive group counseling and have individual counseling monthly.
Our outpatient alcohol and drug counseling in Houston offers a caring, comfortable and non-restrictive environment in which to interact with individuals. The outpatient programs are designed to address the needs of the client while they remain living at home. We provide a high level of support, interactive therapy and a great deal of education.

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