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Bay Area Recovery Center Alumni bring food and clothes to the cold, harborless and hungry.

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Let's face it, addiction hurts everyone.

Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol abuse or dependence. But for anyone dealing with drug and/or alcohol addictions, there are many others who suffer. For more than 20 years, we've treated, counseled and served alcohol addicts, family members and friends, witnessing firsthand the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical effects on all.

At Bay Area Recovery Center, we are here to inform, illustrate and provide alcohol and drug rehab in Houston, Texas. We offer a real solution to individuals affected by alcoholism and drug addiction. By conveying our experiences, and the experiences of those whom we have treated, we hope to educate and comfort those affected.

In an effort to achieve our mission, we make real-life testimonies available through voluntary videos, which are updated frequently. Through witnessing our experiences, you will surely see that recovery is not only possible, but a reality. The first step is finding an alcohol and drug rehab center where you are comfortable, a place to be at home as you begin recovery.

Participants find a place of acceptance and love as soon as they enter Bay Area Recovery Center. They are given the knowledge and tools necessary. The message from the start is - You can do this and we're here to help! Our Houston drug and alcohol rehab professionals and non-professionals will help guide you on your journey. We have witnessed and experienced so many miracles in recovery. To be happy and useful, to actually contribute to family, friends, community and others, it has great effects on hearts and spirits. As alcoholism and drug addiction affects all, so will recovery.

We encourage you to call or visit our alcohol and drug rehab center in Texas. It would be our pleasure to show you our facilities, introduce you to our staff and answer any questions you may have about our organization. Let’s face it — recovery affects everyone.

Bay Area now provides residential treatment services for women. Call 713.705.4490 to learn more.
Quote: "It's in dying that we awaken"

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The Six Steps to Detoxification for Drug Treatment in Houston

[Posted on January 21, 2015 by Bay Area Recovery]

Here in the Lone Star State, a seismic event has shaken loose old notions of rehabilitation and retribution in the War on Drugs. Faced with the need to build yet more prisons to house recently imprisoned low-level drug offenders, Texas political leaders are looking at the drug problem in Texas from another angle. What began as a move towards fiscal conservatism has morphed into a move in the direction towards rehabilitation. As such, drug treatment in Houston is far more preferable to incarceration in one of the state's many prisons as an answer to the War on Drugs.

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