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Can I Get Fired for Going to Rehab?

One of the biggest fears people have when considering whether or not to seek treatment for addiction is whether or not they will be able to return to their job. “Can I get my job back?” could be the biggest question when someone is considering a recovery program. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services […]

Officials Go After Opioid Companies for Harms Done in Houston

As hundreds of municipalities target opioid-pushing drug companies through mass civil litigation, one Harris County prosecutor has made it personal. Assistant county attorney Pegi Block has declined to join the grand-scale efforts to turn the tide on the Opioid Crisis that has plagued the nation. To her, harm has been done to everyday families in […]

Fentanyl-Laced Counterfeit Pills are a Growing Problem in Texas

Across the country, fatal overdoses caused by fentanyl are growing as research shows that accidental fentanyl use is increasing. According to a report issued by the Partnership for Safe Medicines, Texas has joined a list of 40 states that are facing a proliferation of counterfeit painkillers manufactured using illegal fentanyl. With a potency 50 to 100 times greater […]

Recognizing the Signs Of Addiction in a Loved One

Drug and alcohol abuse can affect anyone, but it’s often difficult to face the situation if it’s your loved one that you suspect may be caught in the grips of addiction. Learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, however, can be the important first step in helping the person you love achieve […]

New Bay Area Recovery Center Location Opening Soon!

Bay Area Recovery Center has specialized in addiction recovery for 25+ year in the greater Houston area. We are pleased to announce we are opening a new outpatient rehab facility in Pearland. Our new office will be located at 2915 S Sam Houston Pkwy E, Suite 300, Houston, TX 77047 (Beltway 8 and Hwy 288). […]

When You’re Ready to Get Help, How do You Find the Right Drug Treatment Program?

Choosing to seek professional help for your addiction issues from a drug rehabilitation program is a significant step towards recovery and sobriety, but finding the right rehab facility is key to realizing the best results. Investigating any potential drug rehab program before committing can help ensure that you choose a rehabilitation center that offers high-quality, effective […]

What Can You Do to Deal with Common Triggers and Avoid a Relapse?

Whether you have been in addiction recovery for a week or for ten years, the process of avoiding triggers and staying sober is a life-long struggle for many former addicts. Indeed, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that between 40 and 60 percent of all drug addicts in recovery relapse. While this is a sobering […]

Are You in Danger of Developing Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)?

Going through withdrawal is one of the most challenging steps when deciding to take your life back and get sober. Yet as uncomfortable as the symptoms of physical withdrawal are, they typically pass within a couple of weeks, and medical help is available to make the detox process safer and more manageable. However, a certain number […]