Partial Day Rehab Program

At Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) in Houston, Texas, we structure our partial day program to provide clients with the opportunity to come into the residential community for day treatment for substance abuse while maintaining a balance with existing life activities and obligations. Clients are able to return home for the evening and overnight. It is thought to be a less restrictive arrangement and optimal for certain clients. This type of substance abuse treatment is generally used once a client’s condition has stabilized, at which point they can take on greater responsibility for their recovery.
Partial day focuses on the overall treatment of an individual for both substance abuse and related mental health issues. It usually includes intensive therapy, in both individual and group settings.
The structure of our substance abuse program allows recovering addicts to adjust to living without drugs or alcohol in their normal living environment, without devoting a period of time to being completely removed from it. Since all clients will eventually need to live on their own without drug treatment, it is a sound way to transition them to real life where they must effectively handle outside influences and personal interactions.

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Partial Day Rehab Program