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Success Rates promoted by Rehabs


How do treatment providers come up with drug and alcohol success rates and what is that data really used for?


Externally the question about success rates normally arise when someone is searching for substance abuse treatment for themselves or a loved one.  They are doing their due diligence researching treatment providers trying to find a facility that best meets their needs.  There are numerous factors that come into play when finding the best option but today lets focus on those enticing success rates some rehabs promote on their websites.


Treatment providers that advertise these statistics are doing so strictly as a sales pitch.  I’m not saying these companies aren’t a good treatment option, they might actually be reputable.  But be aware you don’t want a success rate that is statistically skewed in their favor to be a determining factor when selecting a treatment provider.  Most of the time when you see a company promoting their “success rate” it will often have an asterisk beside it.  I invite you to read the fine print.  Find out how they are determining their own success rate and then determine if you really want to take their word without any true factual data to read for yourself.

rehab success rates

Bay Area Recovery Center, a company that has been in business for 25 years, you can imagine we’ve been asked about our success rates on more than a couple occasions.  Our answer has always been the same.  How do you determine drug and alcohol success rates?  It depends on what you think deems successful. Do you determine a success rate by someone successfully completing one of our programs without using drug or alcohol during their stay?  Do you consider it a success that one of our clients has successfully not relapsed on drugs or alcohol for 30 days, 60 days or even 1 year after completing one of our programs?

Let’s say your loved one never uses drugs again but they continue to be dishonest and manipulative. Or what if they’re rarely happy and never a real help to anyone but their sober.  Now on the other side, let’s say the become happy respected and useful.  They are self supporting through their own contributions.  They turn into the best son, daughter, husband, wife, father or mother but unfortunately  relapse once or twice a year.  Neither scenarios are ideal but would you consider any a success?

Obviously a side effect of sobriety generally promotes someone becoming happy, respected and useful.  I’m just making the illustration to prove a point.  “Success Rates” are all about perspective.  We believe success is like beauty, it lies in the eye of the beholder.

What we can say for sure is our recovery program works proven by countless clients who have gone on to achieve sobriety and continue to play an active part in recovery through ongoing fellowship and a very active alumni association. Our program has one goal and that isn’t to get someone to stop using drugs or alcohol.  That’s the easy part.  It’s easy for us to keep clients sober while in treatment at one of our facilities. Our main goal is to pass on enough knowledge, education and tools not so clients stop using drugs or alcohol but so they never start using again.  Treatment is not about stopping it’s about staying stopped and not ever starting again.  Its about learning how to change your life to live happy, joyous, free from addiction and be a productive member of society.  So how do you put a statistical number on that?  We don’t.


Now days there are so many treatment options when choosing a substance abuse provider for you or a loved one.  Finding a reputable drug rehab can surely be a daunting task.  Years ago the rehab industry was mainly made up with treatment facilities with one main purpose and that was saving people lives.  Providing help to others that truly needed it, who were most often looked down upon and shunned from society.

Addicts were often treated as if they had the bubonic plague true in the sense that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease and surely just as deadly but that’s not the reason for the divide.  For decades addicts were looked upon as if they were the scum of the earth, lowest of low and had no place in the community.  The problem with this line of thinking is the fact that those assumptions are inaccurate to a degree.  Absolutely stealing, manipulation and disregard for the law play a part in addiction especially when someone is so deep into their addiction and find themselves only a shell of their former self.  When they’ve destroyed relationships with family, ruined careers and lost just about everything worthwhile in life.  Addiction does not discriminate and society has started to realize that in recent years.  It affects everyone from billionaires to the impoverished.  It’s a disease that progressively gets worse and for those who truly have it will either have to get help, become incarnated or die.

As society has become more aware and accepting of this disease along with realizing the fact that the war on drugs is a never ending battle the rehab industry has exploded in recent years.  Calling the market saturated is an understatement.  Many rehabs have opened in recent years with one main goal, turning a profit.  These places are putting money above all else, quality of care is suffering and it is leaving many people scratching their heads wondering how they just spent $20,000 on addiction treatment and have turned out worse off than before.  Many of these rehabs fail only to have another take their place and in the end the patients are losing out the most.

People have to do their research.  Many rehabs service men and women in co-ed facilities which often times create intermingling and the possibility of sexual encounters between the two.  It is very common and challenging for these facilities to control.  People are in treatment because their lives are falling apart.  They need to be focusing on making positive change not sneaking around with others.  Try to find a place that is non co-ed and/or provides services for men and women at separate locations.  People also need to be aware of a rehabs detoxification and treatment protocols.  Many places prescribe medications to patients who don’t need it.  Some patients end up leaving with more medicine than what they came in with.  They are simply trading one addiction for another.  How about that for a reputable drug rehab! Just because a rehab has a lap pool, acupuncture sessions, maid service and gourmet dining doesn’t mean they are reputable either.  In truth, most of the time those are the last things patients should be taking part in while teetering on life and death.  Rehab is not a vacation!  Drug and alcohol treatment is about educating people on how to change their lives to live happy, joyous and free from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction on a daily basis.

If you take away anything from reading this please understand its imperative to do your research on a reputable drug rehab.  When you talk to a treatment provider ask these questions about their services.

  1. What can you expect if/when insurance benefits run out prior to your agreed upon length of stay?  Please do not admit into a program expecting to get 30 days of treatment only to be discharged early or approached for more out of pocket expenses after 2 weeks of treatment.
  2. What’s their detox and medication protocol?
  3. Are they a co-ed facility?
  4. How long have they been in business?
  5. Visit with people in the local Alcohol Anonymous community.  Many of those people have been through treatment before and know of a reputable drug rehab in the area.
  6. Ask friends or family who dealt with the same issues.
  7. Don’t go off strictly off rehabs online reviews, a lot of these get rich rehabs hire outside ad companies to write positive google reviews for them.  It’s a marketing ploy.
  8. If you notice rehabs advertising their “Success Rates” please read the fine print.  This is another sales tactic in which company’s often select specific data of their choice and skew it in their favor.  Do not fall for this.

Find a reputable drug rehab by taking the time to ask questions and expect the admissions director to be able to answer all those questions for you.  Remember the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best.  Lots of these rehabs have boards of directors and investors to satisfy.

I wanted to share a recent drug rehab testimonial we received and briefly discuss how a person’s personal recovery reaches more than just themselves.   It seems you always hear more about the addiction and how far the tentacles can reach as it destroys not only the addict but entire families, friends and careers.  All the negative effects that filter down creating chain reactions that inevitably produce the feelings of desperation, sadness, loss, hate and despair.  But what about the other side…. the feelings of hope, happiness, freedom and joy.  The ripples of recovery can work all the same way.

A drug rehab testimonial from Joy:

I feel like I need to tell you this, even though I’m sure you all have heard it before.  Prior to this whole experience, Chris (Joy’s Brother) was telling me that it was too hard for him to explain what Bay Area Recovery had done for him, that I’d just have to see it.  I sort of knew about his experience but not really in great detail.  At first, I was really skeptical but I attribute that to all the BS I’ve heard so much of before! Although after this past weekend at home with Russell (Joy’s Husband), I’m really seeing what Chris was meaning.  I can’t even put into words how different Russell is.  I kept thinking and praying for the “Old Russell” to come back but then it hit me, I don’t have that either.  I’ve got a new and improved Russell, one that doesn’t have to put up a front or pretend like he’s not hurting.  For the first time in the near 17 years I’ve been with him, he’s at peace.  If this is what 30 days has done for him, I can’t wait to see what this next 30 will bring!

Also, I’d thought I had gotten rid of everything around the house but I apparently hadn’t found a few of his hiding spots.  The first thing he did after greeting everyone when he got home was to go around and trash what he had left.  I was surprised to see that, especially because he never even told me what he was doing.  I just happened to see him flushing the stuff.  We had a great weekend just hanging out with the kids and some of our other family.  Our oldest son even told me that his “Daddy wasn’t mean anymore”.  That was huge.  I told Russell he said that too.  This man did chores?!? I can’t even remember the last time that happened! Anyway I just wanted to tell ya’ll thank you!!  Joy

A drug rehab testimonial like this are the reason we do what we do.  Bringing families back together, saving lives, helping people gain sobriety but even more than that… showing people how to maintain sobriety living happy, joyous and free from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction.


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