The Dangers of Addiction

You know your loved one’s an addict when he or she can’t quit or has little or no control over the amounts being taken. They miss appointments. Won’t come home. Resist open communication. Go through peculiar weight loss or gain. There are hundreds of signs, but if you’re wondering, there’s a good chance your worries are legitimate. Just remember, with addiction, it’s not going to pass. It’s not going to get better. And it grows in secrecy. If you’re worried, talk to your loved one about Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) for addiction treatment in Houston, Texas. BARC provides addiction counseling and education in a caring and compassionate environment.
If you believe that you or your loved one may be an addict, the next question you should be asking yourself is ‘How can I support him?’
Support doesn’t mean you have all the answers or that you can fix it for him. It means that you will help him take positive steps towards finding the appropriate addiction treatment or therapy he needs to overcome his addiction. It also means no longer enabling him to continue his destructive behaviors. Many people mistake cutting off financial support or not providing excuses for an addict as taking away love. Not so — the most loving thing you can do is to stop doing what you’re doing.

Alcohol can do the same thing that crack does. It just takes longer. But alcohol is legal. That means that millions of people can quietly kill themselves in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. They can go to the store and buy their alcohol legally and then go home and poison themselves to death.

It is the lack of spiritual awareness that causes people to turn to drugs/ alcohol in their search for comfort. Drugs and alcohol have their place in society. But just like anything else, they can be abused. Fire has a place too. But abuse or intentional mishandling can cause devastation. These people are the victims of a combination of ignorance and suffering. They need help.
Due in part to the unawareness of the root causes, those caught in the pit of addiction feel less than human and not worthy of aid. It’s sad. We at Bay Area Recovery Center deal with these issues directly. Sending people to institutions to be warehoused does nothing to solve the root causes of these kinds of problems. Casting them into the street only harms society as a whole. The suffering of your brothers and sisters will inevitably become our own suffering as well. Help is as close as a phone. 713.999.0116

If someone you care about is suffering from alcoholism or a drug addiction in Texas and you want to help them recover, contact Bay Area Recovery Center today to discuss an intervention. We’ll help you orchestrate one of the most important things you can do for a loved one who desperately needs drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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