Continuous support for addicts is a major part of the intensive outpatient program or IOP. One of the most challenging aspects of IOP therapy is focusing on the patient’s misconceptions about their affliction. One of the goals of an outpatient program is to address the patient’s chemical dependency and support them as they take the path to recovery. Individuals undergoing intensive outpatient therapy may often be in denial. Oftentimes, they know they have a problem yet refuse to acknowledge it. This disconnection from the truth makes receiving help a great challenge. To combat this, a strong and continuous support system is needed and outpatient treatment may be the answer. For many family members whose love ones are in need of outpatient program treatment, this can be among the most frustrating and emotionally draining aspects of recovery. However, it can be addressed head on. This is among the core focuses within an IOP program.

The reality is that addiction does not discriminate. Anyone can be impacted by this debilitating condition regardless of gender, age, or socio-economic status. There is an estimated 15 million adults here in the United States who suffer from chemical dependency. Unfortunately, addicts are not the only one who is impacted by this debilitating disease. Family and friends of those suffering from chemical dependency also bear the burden of the illness. The damage goes beyond that of a physical nature, but also impacts the mental and spiritual state of all involved. The treatment offered through intensive outpatient therapy brings hope to the addicted as well as their family and friends.

The good news is that you are not alone. Quality help is available. The treatment administered through our program can guide the patient to a happy and rewarding life.

Bay Area Recovery Center Offers Effective outpatient treatment

The Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) of Houston, Texas offers intensive outpatient therapy, designed to guide addicts down their road to recovery. The IOP program is administered in a welcoming, yet professional setting that treats the whole patient with the goal of permanent wellness. In addition to treating our patients, our professional and caring staff also offer counseling to the patient’s family and friends, as their loved ones embrace sobriety. BARC’s IOP therapy program offers hope to many. It goes without saying that the toxicity of addiction affects everyone. Its impact is far reaching, but the same can be said of recovery. With the adherence to an outpatient program, patients are given the chance to live their lives free from dependence, which of course provides them with long term benefits. BARC strives to create a lasting positive impact not only on the patient but for their family and friends as they complete the IOP therapy program.

Addressing the Delusion

IOP therapy offers hope to many. Recovery is possible and the freedom to live a productive life is attainable. However, this requires courage and a willingness to receive outpatient treatment.

Addressing the mental state of the patient is one of the key factors to administering treatment. A patient has to be willing to accept IOP therapy in order to gain freedom from chemical dependency.

Sometimes an intervention might be needed. What exactly is an Intervention? An intervention is a pro-active step administered with a systematic approach that challenges and confronts addicts to recognize their affliction, accept responsibility for their addiction and agree to receive treatment.

Conducting an intervention as the first step on the road to recovery serves multiple purposes:

  • Offers a truthful and constructive environment for the patient to recognize and address the reality of their addiction.
  • Enables BARC staff counselors to assess the patient’s mental state and willingness to undergo intensive outpatient therapy.
  • It gives voice to those family and friends who have been harmed and impacted by the behavioral issues and deteriorating conditions that the patient’s dependency has caused.

Our goal is to help addicts realize the benefit of our outpatient program. Dependent upon the situation, an intervention serves as an opportunity for those suffering from addiction to see the reality of the love and support that their family and friends have for them. We reinforce the idea that there is hope and that they can successfully embark on this journey to recovery. Our staff of caring and professional therapists understands that it is not always a smooth journey to convince someone who suffers from addiction that they need outpatient treatment. Their mental state may cause them to resistant.

It is important to note that there may be initial feelings of betrayal, anger or distrust, which result in refusing the IOP therapy that offers hope to many. Bay Area Recovery Center understands. One of the more unique aspects about our IOP program is that many of our therapists have been there, having battled addiction themselves. Now, free and living healthy, meaningful lives, they offer real world practical hope as well as the sensitivity required when confronting someone who is afflicted with chemical dependency. They understand the appropriate protocol and environment needed to have a successful and productive intervention.

The treatment administered through an IOP program can guide patients to a healthy and fulfilling life. Once they accept the truth of their condition, as well as the responsibility for their actions, only then can a patient truly reap the full benefits of our treatment. Once that is accomplished, our staff will offer guidance and support as the patients embrace the sobriety that awaits them in BARC’s intensive outpatient therapy program.

BARC’s intensive outpatient therapy

Bay Area Recovery Center’s outpatient treatment offers freedom from chemical dependency. We have had the privilege of successfully treating those struggling with chemical dependence, since we opened our doors in 1992. In our intensive outpatient therapy, BARC takes a whole person approach to treatment for those suffering from addiction. Our goal is for the patient to divorce themselves completely from their patterns of addiction and restore their lives into ones of purpose and meaning.

One aspect of our outpatient program is to guide the patient in accepting personal responsibility for the addiction and how it pertains to those around them. We offer not only hope, but a true real world approach to mental and physical strength. Another aspect of our outpatient program is to guide the patient towards successfully managing their sobriety and well-being. We do this through identifying spiritual beliefs and accepting mental clarity and emotional stability. When a patient embraces their own responsibility in outpatient treatment it empowers them towards freedom from dependency.

BARC’s Experienced Staff

Our IOP therapy has offered hope to many. We incorporate several clinical disciplines designed purposefully to offer a comprehensive and effective outpatient program. Our lead physician, Dr. Patricia Corke M.D., an addictionologist and psychiatrist provides our patients with 44 years of clinical experience.

The treatment administered through an IOP program can guide patients to a healthy and enjoyable life. Our outpatient program offers a clinical staff comprised of registered nurses, social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed chemical dependency counselors and substance abuse technicians that are experienced in ministering to those suffering from addiction, as they travel the path of recovery and sustained sobriety. The counselors who administer our outpatient treatment program are living that recovery is not out of reach.

Our IOP program is supported with the earnest belief that a patient’s success is determined by taking into account their individual circumstance. Every one of our patients is unique with inherent personality traits and accompanying situations that may very well have contributed to their addiction. One of the goals of our intensive outpatient therapy is to address not only the addiction, but the cause of the addiction. During outpatient treatment, our staff monitors the patient closely and administers modalities should the need arise. Continuous support is an important part of our program.

IOP therapy is designed for the purpose of total recovery from chemical dependency. Moderate use of alcohol or drugs is not an acceptable option. We offers the most effective outpatient program with the highest success rate in the state of Texas. We are fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Our staff of outpatient treatment profession is committed to guiding our patients towards living a productive life, free from chemical dependency. One of the components of our outpatient program is to address the effects of addiction through intensive outpatient therapy. The therapy of the IOP program is conducted in both group and individual counseling sessions. Here, the patient learns of the impact that their addiction has had on those around them. Of course one of the goals of the outpatient treatment is to educate the addict on the side effects of drug and alcohol dependency.

The IOP therapy will engage the patient to confront their addiction in therapy sessions to better understand their affliction. The outpatient clients are engaged in weekly three hours interactive group counseling sessions. The goal of intensive outpatient therapy is total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. In the group sessions, the addict is challenged to confront the aspects of their addiction in an inclusive and open atmosphere. BARC’s outpatient treatment covers all components of addiction including the mental as well as the physical and spiritual. In order to allow for the patient to be more open to confronting their addiction, each patient engages with a counselor in one-on-one monthly sessions. Our therapy sessions are conducted as frequently and as necessary as required for successful recovery. Our success rate speaks for itself. The Bay Area Recovery Center offers an IOP program designed to address the cause of chemical dependency.

BARC Addressing the Growing Needs of Women

To live a live free from addiction requires courage. BARC’s IOP therapy programs offer the treatment necessary for successful recovery and freedom from chemical dependency. While treatment through an IOP program can serve to effectively guide addicts in toward the path to recovery, there are times when residential care is necessary. Oftentimes due to sustained abuse, an outpatient program is not the best solution for an addict. BARC has found that this is often the case in treating women who have been suffering from chemical dependency.

Chemical dependency for women, particularly single mothers has risen at an alarming rate. In addition to intensive outpatient therapy BARC provides residential care for women who are suffering from chemical dependency. It is a program that addresses alcohol and drug rehab specific to women which encompasses the full process from detoxification all the way through to aftercare. We offer a welcoming atmosphere in an attempt to give women an opportunity to change their lives. In addition to rehabilitation, our counselors engage the women in building self-esteem and confidence to achieve sustained sobriety.

Recovery is Attainable at Bay Area Recovery Center

With proper IOP therapy chemical dependency is a treatable condition. Bay Area Recovery Center is dedicated and committed to the care and well-being of our patients. We offer a whole-person approach administered in a welcoming environment where hope and treatment go hand in hand. We believe in igniting the human spirit to inspire our patients to fully embrace a life of sobriety and productivity.

There is a chance that either you or someone you love is dealing with addiction. The cutting edge IOP program administered by Bay Area Recovery Center is changing lives that were once debilitated by the effects of chemical dependency. It is our goal to help patients fully embrace sobriety with dignity and purpose. Our treatments are administered in modern well cared for surroundings meant to offer a peaceful environment for those looking to turn their lives around.

A life free from chemical dependency is attainable. Take the first step on the road to recovery and embrace the help that Bay Area Recovery Center’s IOP therapy has to offer. You do not have to do this alone. We are here for you.

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