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What is the best Alcohol Rehab Near Me?

“Is there an alcohol rehab near me?” This is a question no one should have to ask.  However, many do. Here in the United States, dependency on drugs and alcohol has sky-rocketed in recent years. According to the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse, as of 2014, 16.3 million American suffer from some type of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) while as many as 88,000 die from alcohol related illnesses on an annual basis. The rise in addiction among teenagers is reaching pandemic proportions. In statistics gathered by Foundation for a Drug Free World, alcohol is the leading killer of young persons between the ages of 15 to 25.  The numbers were significantly higher than accidents, homicides and, or suicides. With the need to treat persons who suffer from AUD rising, it is no wonder that alcohol treatment centers are staying busy.

If you are asking yourself, “Is there an alcohol rehab near me?” and you live in the state of Texas, the answer is: yes. Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) located outside of the beautiful city of Houston, is the best of the best rehab centers located in the state of Texas.   Established in 1992, BARC is fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. BARC offers both residential and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab programs for those who suffer from dependency on drugs and alcohol.  With five facilities situated within close proximity, each one provides a safe and welcoming environment, where alcohol treatment is administered by an impressive staff of health professionals. Each member of our staff is dedicated to seeing you live a productive life, free from chemical dependency.

While many rehab centers make claims to see you free from your disease, Bay Area Recovery Center believes that through proper treatment and education, living a productive life without chemical dependency is not just a dream, but an obtainable reality. Sobriety can be your new normal with the help of Bay Area Recovery Center. One of the things we have encountered over the years in alcohol treatment is that many do not understand the disease they face. Overcoming alcohol addiction requires not face only facing the truth, but comprehending the issues that cause the disease. Understanding the disease you face requires education. When you think about rehab centers, it is important to find out whether or not they provide education about the disease. The question should arise, “Will there be someone in this alcohol rehab near me who can help understand what this disease is about?”

Understanding the Disease You Face

Make no mistake, when you enter into an alcohol and drug rehab, you are there to be cured, not simply managed down to a minimal level.  What many people do not take into account when understanding alcohol treatment, is how insidious the dependency on this substance can be for an individual.  Because it is legal, the deception of social acceptance factors into the recipe for addiction.  You have a rough day, need to unwind and use alcohol to “medicate” the stress away – temporarily.  Anyone who has studied the effects of productive rehab centers will tell you, deception plays an important part on the road to addiction.  Just because it is legal, does not make less harmful.  What many do not realize until they are they embrace alcohol and drug rehab is that alcohol in and of itself can have the same hold on a client who struggles with narcotics.

We believe that in educating the client so that they understand how the abuse of alcohol has brought them to seek sobriety, but also what causes their addiction.  It sounds harsh, but most addiction is caused by the combination of suffering followed by ignorance. In other words, a lack of knowledge as to how chemical dependency can ravage a life.  We have found that due to a misunderstanding of how addiction takes hold, root causes are often ignored and, much like a neglected garden, weeds take hold of vital plant life. These roots cause—much like weeds—need to be eliminated.  Ask yourself, “Does the alcohol rehab near me remove the cause, or just address the symptom?” If you are looking into rehab centers and they seem to focus solely on the addiction itself while ignoring the cause of the addiction; you cannot be guaranteed that relapse or continual use will not occur.

Bay Area Recovery Center believes that it is of the utmost importance to weed out these causes directly. It does absolutely no good to sweep these issues under the rug.  After all, this is how the addiction came to manifest itself to begin with.  We believe that with proper therapy and continual education, a productive and sustainable life can be achieved – free from chemical dependency. When you enter into Bay Area Recovery Center’s facilities, you enter into an atmosphere of support and compassion. This does not mean we condone addictive behavior. Quite the opposite is true.  For our staff, there is a zero tolerance for enabling.

We also have a zero tolerance policy for usage.  You cannot manage down an addiction – that is a form of enabling.  In order to be free from chemical dependency, you have to eliminate its hold on you permanently. Ask yourself the following and be honest about the answer, “Does the alcohol rehab near me have a zero tolerance policy towards substance usage or not?” At Bay Area Recovery Center, you will find the answers that will become the reasons you live in freedom from chemical dependency.

Support Does Not Mean Enabling

In our line of service, an enabler can ultimately do more damage. To live a life free from chemical addictions requires constant vigilance and follow through on a daily basis. We are not offering a quick fix, but rather a complete 180 degree turn into the right direction.  While it may seem hard, enabling an addict to continue his or her destructive behavior is the worst thing that can be done.  Enabling is the equivalent to approval and approval gives the false impression of granting permission to the addict to continue destroying their lives. When you enter into Bay Area Recovery Center’s alcohol and drug rehab, you are making the commitment to become free from chemical dependency.

We understand the courage that it takes to make this decision.  The reason we know this is due to the fact that many of our counselors were, at one time, also dependent upon drugs and alcohol.  In staffing BARC with those who have successfully achieved sobriety, we believe that it provides living proof; success stories to draw from which offer hope and encouragement. We believe that having those who have gone through the same process will illustrate that sobriety is possible, as it offers real world experience to a very difficult journey.

All Rehab Centers are Not the Same

Not all alcohol and drug rehab programs operate the same way. There are some valuable exercises one can entertain while assisting someone into a life of sobriety. However they lack a comprehensive approach to treating the disease.  There is no point in addressing the symptoms, if you are going to ignore the cause.  Alcohol Treatment requires a vigilant mindset so that the client, whether it you or your loved one, is totally free. Our approach addresses the chemical, the physical, the psychological and the spiritual components of addition. The goal is to illuminate the client so that they can see the cause of their disease, address it, and make the choice to live differently. It cannot be stressed enough that the goal of BARC is total sobriety, not the managing down of consumption to a functional level. So when you ask yourself, “Is there is an alcohol rehab near me that has a zero tolerance for substance abuse?”  The answer will be Bay Area Recovery Center.

What is important when entertaining into alcohol treatment is to understand that while you have a disease, this disease does not define you as an individual.  It is something to overcome, not carry with you as an identity.  While we cannot speak for the other rehab centers in the country, rest assured that BARC does not adhere to a condemnation approach in alcohol treatment. In our alcohol and drug rehab, our clients learn that while they may be facing what appears on the surface to be insurmountable odds, the truth is sobriety can be achieved. Regardless of your background, there is value and worth in everyone who enters into our program.  There is hope for you and you are not alone in this journey.

Every person is different.  Every story is different.  Every alcohol and drug rehab center will tell you this.  At BARC, we believe there is not a productive treatment available that treats people as if they can be “fixed” through cookie-cutter formulas and lobbing lofty platitudes at them.  Bay Area Recovery Center wants to help those who need it as you would want to be guided, with respect, compassion and understanding. Our philosophy is about getting to understand and value the individual in order for them to see that sober living is the right choice for them.  When asking yourself, “does this alcohol rehab near me believe that a meaningful and productive life is achievable without drugs and alcohol?” The answer must be an unequivocal “yes!”

Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Chemical dependency impacts everyone from all walks of life – both male and female. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a rise in the numbers of women who seek alcohol treatment. Family pressures such as domestic abuse coupled with the demands of single-motherhood, have increased the inclination towards chemical dependency.  This leaves many women who want to be of free drugs and alcohol to ask, “Is there an alcohol rehab near me?”

Bay Area Recovery Center recognizes the growing need for the women in our community to receive effect alcohol treatment. Of the rehab centers in the state of Texas, we have a specific program that is designed exclusively for women who suffer from this debilitating disease. Due to the rising level of domestic violence, the idea of becoming free in a co-ed environment only exacerbates the fear that women face. While many rehab centers take this approach, BARC does not. It is a non-co-ed alcohol and drug rehab that is focused solely on the issues women face in these modern times. We offer single-gender, women-centric programs designed specifically for those women in the community who have a tendency to become dependent on drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with the strains of family life.

We consider it a privilege to assist these women with the opportunity to become free from drugs and alcohol. The residential program is comprehensive, as it begins with the stages of detoxification and continues through to aftercare and subsequent follow up. BARC provides alcohol and drug rehab for women that is empowering, productive and, affordable. Our residential program has a very home-like atmosphere where our counselors focus on constructive therapy treatments such as esteem building where women can grow in their self-confidence as they become free from drugs and alcohol.
Our programs offer women in the community the hope that they can achieve long-term recovery without the fear of relapse. When a woman who wants to get free from chemical dependency asks themselves, “Is there an alcohol rehab near me?”  BARC is there for them.

Take the First Step towards Freedom

Freedom from chemical dependency is obtainable. With BARC’s alcohol treatment program you can live a life that is joyful and productive.  It is here, at Bay Area Recovery center, the best of the rehab centers in Texas, that you can be free from this crippling disease. No one should have to ask, “Is there an alcohol rehab near me?” However, if yourself in that situation.  The first phone call to Bay Area Recovery Center will change your life and the lives of those around you.


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