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Bay Area Recovery Center’s Outpatient Addiction Treatment offers Real World Results

The struggle with addiction is real.  Hope for recovery in an outpatient addiction treatment program is also real.  The Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) offers hope and real world results to those who suffer from the pains of addiction. Our IOP Program is conducted in a welcoming and professional setting designed to offer a solution to addiction; and not just address the symptoms. A life of productive wellness can be found in Bay Area Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient treatment.

The chances of either you or someone you love being impacted by addiction is surprisingly high. Studies conducted by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) show that an estimated 23.5 million people in the United States suffer from alcohol or drug dependency. Addiction to drug and alcohol spans across multiple demographics, impacting anyone regardless of gender, age, or socio-economic status. Although the numbers show that modern society is facing an epidemic towards dependency of staggering proportions, the amount of help available has given people hope.

The Bay Area Recovery Center has an intensive outpatient program that is designed to achieve a productive and fulfilling life free from drug and alcohol dependency.  BARC offers real world results through outpatient addiction treatment which has vastly improved the lives of those who have entered into our programs.  Our IOP treatment program offers the life changing care and support needed to combat debilitating effects of addiction. Our intensive outpatient program is administered in modern, well-cared for environment, designed as a peaceful retreat for those looking to turn their lives around. A life free from chemical dependency is attainable through an outpatient program.

Those who struggle with chemical dependency endure a real battle.  It is a battle for the physical health, the mental stability, and the often over-looked, spiritual wellbeing of the individual. During our intensive outpatient program, patients undergo a life changing process that addresses the critical inner voices which often tempt those who are afflicted with addiction. The goal of the intensive outpatient program is to have the patient take responsibility for their addiction, confront it and change their pattern so that a sober life can be sustained.  Our outpatient program offers the patient hope and the ability to live productive, peaceful lives.

About Bay Area Recovery Center

The goal of BARC is to provide the most comprehensive intensive outpatient program available so that the patient chooses a productive lifestyle. We are a residential and extended care facility located south of Houston, Texas. Since 1992, we have provided treatment from chemical dependency through an array of services and treatments including IOP treatment, Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services, Inpatient Drug Rehab, a Partial Day Rehab Program, Outpatient Program, Addiction Interventions, and Drug Detoxification. Our desire is that everyone from all walks of life can achieve a high quality of life, one which can only be sustained when free from addiction.

In an effort to effectively serve the state of Texas, there are five separate facilities in the Houston area, each providing a safe and welcoming environment. The atmosphere is one of compassion and understanding; free from condemnation and guilt. Bay Area Recovery Center believes that an outpatient addiction treatment program which provides an atmosphere where the patient can be educated on the struggle they face will result in being set free from the chains of dependency. The facilities themselves are modern and well kept. The treatment in our IOP sessions is conducted in comfortable rooms, while our inpatient patients are housed in well-kept private facilities situated among our lush and peaceful grounds.

As with any of our treatments, Bay Area Recovery Center’s outpatient addiction treatment is designed for the purpose of sustaining a life of total abstinence from drugs and alcohol.  During IOP treatment, our patients learn that there is value and worth in those who suffer from addiction. Their addiction does not define them; it is only the beginning of a journey that can result in sobriety. Our intensive outpatient treatment does not offer a program which prescribes half-measures or recommendations of partial tolerance for substance use. Serving the patient in IOP treatment requires total commitment towards their sobriety.

Our full range of therapeutic care supports that commitment. We are proud to say that intensive outpatient program has proven to have been instrumental in the elimination of long term addiction for those who are at high risk. While it is true that every circumstance is different, remember, you are not alone.  There is hope for you and your loved ones through outpatient addiction treatment. We desire nothing less than total freedom from chemical dependency for those who struggle with addiction. Bay Area Recovery Center’s staff of outpatient treatment profession is committed to guiding our patients towards living a meaningful and productive life, free from chemical dependency.

Bay Area Recovery Center’s IOP Treatment Staff

We adhere to the belief that in spite of perceived circumstances, total recovery and the path to a well-lived life is possible. Fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), our approach to IOP treatment is straight-forward and rational. It requires looking at the hard core facts about addiction through an intensive outpatient program. While we care for the emotional stability of the patient, we do not enable the addiction to control them. There are no shades of grey during treatment in our outpatient program.

We believe that due to our stance on complete recovery and sustained life-long abstinence, our intensive outpatient treatment program has some of the highest success rates within the state of Texas. Our intensive outpatient program is supported by a team of dedicated professionals committed to the treatment of addiction. They are comprised of registered nurses, social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed chemical dependency counselors and substance abuse technicians who are experienced in ministering to those suffering from chemical dependency.

Our IOP treatment has offered hope to many due to the credibility of the staff, all of whom once faced the same struggles with alcohol and chemical dependency. It is this first-hand knowledge of the recovery process that proves an effective component of Bay Area Recovery Center’s outpatient addiction treatment program. When a counselor understands due to real-life experience, the IOP treatment not provides an atmosphere of empathy, but also offers an example of hope during the recovery process.  This street-wise example is living proof that a life free from addiction is possible when embracing intensive outpatient treatment. IOP treatment is designed for the purpose of total recovery from chemical dependency. Moderate use of alcohol or drugs is not an acceptable option.

BARC’s Approach to the Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program is centered on the understanding that every individual is one-of-a-kind; therefore each set of circumstances are different. Every one of our patients is unique with inherent personality traits and accompanying situations that may very well have contributed to their addiction. The counselors who work in our intensive outpatient treatment program know that a successful recovery begins by taking into account their individual circumstance. The intensive outpatient program addresses these factors when ministering treatment to the patient.

Our counselors who work in outpatient addiction treatment not only address the addiction, but offer a solution to the illness. It is important to understand the impact that certain life experiences may have caused the patient’s chemical dependency. In order to do so, IOP treatment is conducted in both group and individual counseling sessions. Here, in outpatient addiction treatment, the patient is able to get to the root cause of the addiction in a safe and nurturing environment. They also gain a better perspective as to how their addiction has impacted not only themselves, but those around them.

Bay Area Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient treatment addresses the impacts of addiction has upon the patient including the mental, the physical and the spiritual. Therefore, the goal of the intensive outpatient program is total abstinence from drugs and alcohol, without relapse. This requires a patient to be educated as well as treated. We have found that one of the most important aspects of outpatient treatment is to educate the patient on the side effects of drug and alcohol dependency. An intensive outpatient program is of no good, if the patient is not accurately educated about the true harm that chemical dependency has had upon their life. This only leads to a return towards old destructive behavior.

The Intensive outpatient program offers the ability to confront the addiction in therapy sessions designed to gain a better understanding of their affliction. In order to allow for the patient to be more open to confronting their addiction, these sessions are conducted in weekly private one-on-one settings. For the purpose of broadening the support, Bay Area Recovery Center’s intensive outpatient program also engages the patient through weekly group therapy sessions. These intensive outpatient treatment therapy sessions are conducted in an inclusive and open atmosphere with others who are also working their way towards sobriety. They are conducted as frequently and as necessary as required for successful recovery.

The counselors who work in our outpatient addiction treatment program will always work to assure that your recovery process is a successful and productive journey. No one should ever have to face this debilitating disease alone.

Living a Life Free of Addiction

To live a live free from addiction requires courage and commitment. Our outpatient addiction treatment program offers the care necessary for successful recovery and freedom from chemical dependency.  Due to our success rate we are confident that treatment through our intensive outpatient program can guide you and your loved ones to a healthy, meaningful life. There are times, however, when a patient may require more care and support that is offered through our outpatient services.  Sometimes due to sustained chemical dependency, an intensive outpatient program is not the right fit.

In addition to an outpatient program, we offer residential treatment for those who are suffering from chemical dependency.  Much like our intensive outpatient program, this program addresses the same causes and concerns that are associated with addiction. Each resident is housed in private, well-kept and modern quarters designed to be a sanctuary while they embrace their sobriety.  It is a welcoming atmosphere, designed to give the patient the right environment to change their lives.

Bay Area Recovery Center’s residential program has offers the same services that our outpatient addiction treatment provides inclusive of detoxification from alcohol and drug dependency and after-care follow-up.  As well as the process of rehabilitation, the counselors in our residential care engage in esteem building in order to establish confidence for the patient as they embrace sobriety.
If you or your loved one requires more round the clock support and care offered through intensive outpatient treatment, then BARC’s residential care offers a real-world solution to gaining a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Your New Life Starts Now

With an intensive outpatient program, addiction to drugs and alcohol can be a treatable illness. You and your loved ones do not have to live a life centered on feeding the addiction of chemical dependency. Your best years are yet to come. There is hope available for those who want to be set free. Bay Area Recovery Center is dedicated and committed to obtaining that freedom.

Our cutting edge, personal approach to recovery is changing lives that were once debilitated by the effects of chemical dependency. We believe that a positive environment that nurtures the spirit and treats the illness, go hand in hand. Our dedication to helping our patients live a life of sobriety can be seen in the numerous success stories shared by our previous patients. Once healthy, patients can further embrace their sobriety with dignity and purpose. Their stories can be found right on our website.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, do not hesitate. Take the first step and embrace the help that is available through Bay Area Recovery Center’s outpatient addiction treatment.  We are here for you. You do not have to do this alone.

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