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The dilemma one faces when choosing an effective IOP program can seem overwhelming. With so many facilities all claiming that they have the most effective outpatient treatment available, it can appear that the results would be the same; regardless of the facility. In deciding which treatment is best, it is vital that the outpatient program gets to the core of the addiction. Before discussing the benefits of Bay Area Recovery Center’s IOP therapy, here is some food for thought: the truth of the matter is that addiction to drugs and alcohol does not discriminate.

Anyone can be impacted by this debilitating condition regardless of gender, age, or socio-economic status. The numbers afflicted by addiction is staggering. According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), of the 23.5 million people suffering from chemical dependency in The United States, an estimated 15 million are adults. This leaves roughly 8.5 million juveniles between the ages of 12-18 who are directly impacted by the disease. The damage that chemical dependency brings is not contained to the physical state of those afflicted. Addiction also impacts the mental stability and the spiritual wellness of the individual. The impact that the disease has can be treated when the cause is rooted out in therapy conducted during an outpatient program. Helping someone obtain sobriety is the easy part but providing a solution to obtaining lifelong sobriety is where the magic takes place. It’s not about stopping a person’s drug and alcohol abuse, it’s about staying stopped.

Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) practices a whole person approach when treating those afflicted by chemical dependency. Our IOP program gets to the source of the problem, rather than only addressing the addiction. Through this style of therapy, our counselors get to the root cause of the disease and offer a solution. Out outpatient program also uncovers and addresses how this illness has impacted not only the lives of the addicts but the lives of those around them.

Complete Freedom is Possible through BARC’s Outpatient Program

Many outpatient programs address only those who are directly impacted, while neglecting the carnage surrounding the addict. Many fail to understand that those who suffer from chemical dependency also place a tremendous burden on their family and friends. Our outpatient program addresses those burdens directly. It is no secret that drug and alcohol dependency is deadly. Its appetite is insatiable and the addiction to drugs and alcohol can steal years of a person’s life from them. Its toxicity affects everyone and its impact is far reaching. The emotional affects are equally devastating for all involved. Thankfully, there is good news. By entering into outpatient treatment, addicts do not have to face this alone. There is hope. The Bay Area Recovery Center of Houston, Texas offers an intensive outpatient therapy designed to achieve a life completely free from chemical dependency.

Fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), Bay Area Recovery Center adheres to the belief that in spite of perceived circumstances, the path to a well-lived life is possible through effective outpatient treatment. We administer IOP therapy in a welcoming, yet professional setting centered on treating the whole patient, body, mind and spirit.  In addition to treating those afflicted with chemical dependency, our outpatient program also offers counseling to family and friends. Our goal is to ensure that both our patients, as well as their loved ones, receive proper treatment and support and are fully prepared for a life of sobriety. In an effort to support that sobriety, we offer life long after-care to our alumni who complete our program.

Outpatient Treatment Does Not Enable the Addiction

Oftentimes family and friends make the mistake of confusing enabling addictive behavior with love or support. This false sense of sympathy often hinders the treatment of intensive outpatient therapy. We understand that you do not have the answers. We also understand that this is a tough decision for you and your family. The steps needed to choose the right IOP program requires courage and commitment.  Rest assured that you are not alone in taking these important and positive steps towards reclaiming a life that is worth living: a life lived free from chemical dependency. Entering into an IOP Program is the first step in the right direction.

It is important to stress that the goal in our IOP Program is for the patient to accept and sustain complete abstinence from drugs and alcohol. We do not offer the option of moderate usage. The goal is total abstinence. This requires unwavering commitment. Without that commitment, there isn’t an intensive outpatient therapy program in the country that will be of benefit. This is why the goal of IOP therapy is to aid the patient towards accepting responsibility for their addiction. We do not enable addiction.  When the patient accepts that they are responsible for choosing drugs and alcohol over more productive means of coping, then real breakthrough can begin.  This is an awesome step during IOP therapy. From there, patients can begin to heal and get their lives back again.

Our outpatient treatment is designed for those who have responsibilities which do not allow for inpatient care.  Many of the patients in our IOP program have pressing careers and family obligations that require them to maintain consistency, in order sustain stability.  While it may be true that many in IOP therapy have adapted to functioning while chemically dependent, the IOP Program does not allow for partial sobriety to lessen potential consequences. Chemical dependency is a real threat to a stable life. It causes colleagues and friends to question the stability of the addict, thereby forcing an instinctive distancing of support and friendship. Without a stable environment, a once productive and vital individual can spiral downward into a life of shame and despair.

The Three Prong Attack Against Addiction

Bay Area Recovery prescribes a comprehensive outpatient program designed as a three prong attack.  In addition to addressing the physical issues surrounding addiction, our counselors address the emotional and spiritual impact the disease has had upon the patient. We also address the behavioral symptoms associated with chemical dependency and how they have negatively impacted not only the patient, but the family and friends swept up in its wake. We get to the root of the cause of the addiction. This requires an honest assessment of the damage.

The intensive outpatient therapy is administered in a safe, welcoming environment comprised of a doctor, psychiatrist, social worker, therapists and nurses dedicated to effective outpatient treatment. In therapy, the patient will learn to confront their addiction in therapy sessions to better understand the disease. Patients engage in nine hours of weekly interactive chemical dependency group counseling sessions, coupled with at least one hour weekly private counseling session.

BARC’s Intensive Outpatient Therapy offers real world experience in the treatment of dependency. It all starts with the belief that everyone has value, regardless of their condition. Our counselors who administer IOP therapy take the approach that every individual is unique; therefore each circumstance is equally unique. We have constructed, as a main component of outpatient treatment, to root out the cause addiction during therapy sessions. Through private weekly intensive outpatient therapy sessions, both counselor and patient face and confront the emotional issues which brought about the behavior that resulted in their addiction.

In addition to private sessions, our outpatient program also engages the patient through weekly group sessions. These sessions are orchestrated in an inclusive and open atmosphere with others who are also taking the journey towards sobriety. While we offer a caring, comfortable and non-restrictive environment, our intensive outpatient therapy sessions can be very intense and they are held as frequently and as necessary as required for successful recovery.

For the staff, results in an outpatient program matter. Although the outpatient program allows the patient to live at their residence while they receive the treatment they need, patients receive the same support, interactive therapy and educational tools as the residential program. The non-gender specific intensive outpatient therapy is designed with the goal for the patient to achieve complete freedom from drug and alcohol dependency. Therefore, part of our intensive outpatient therapy focuses on educating the patient of the side effects of drug and alcohol dependency. The treatment is conducted within both group and individual counseling sessions where patients learn the impact that their addiction has had on those around them. We examine the addiction through the three prong attack to demonstrate that not only is the addiction real, but the impact it has on their lives is very real. One of the goals of outpatient treatment is to find solutions to change past behavioral patterns so that a sober life can be sustained.

You Are Not Alone

Many who have walked through our doors once stood where you are now.  They too had to face the diverging roads separating sobriety from chemical addiction. In the end, those who chose chemicals have a different story written for them.  Here at Bay Area Recovery Center, the patients are able to craft a story that is rich in inspiration. A story that sets itself apart when embracing the freedom they obtained through intensive outpatient therapy. A key factor in BARC’s success in the treatment of chemical dependency is due to our staff, which offers real world experiences in IOP therapy.

Many of our counselors and health-care associates in the outpatient program were once faced with the same affliction.  In other words, they too walked in your shoes. They get it. It is an important trait of our facility. They know first-hand that hard fought sobriety is achievable through outpatient treatment. Our setting is one of compassion and understanding; an atmosphere where the human spirit can be set free from the chains of dependency. One of the things a patient learns in IOP therapy is that they matter. They have value and worth. The addiction does not define them.

Due to their experience with addiction, the counselors in our outpatient program are able to offer an example of hope in that a productive and meaningful life is possible. They are a living testimony to the benefits of an effective IOP program, and the positive reinforcement rings loud and clear. Those suffering from chemical addiction are not alone. Freedom can be obtained through IOP therapy.
In addition to the staff, patients are able to draw from the experience of our alumni who have gone through intensive outpatient therapy. The numerous positive testimonials of former patients offer support to the possibility that a healthy and productive life is achievable through our effective outpatient treatment.  The testimony of others who have walked in their shoes, not only offer hope, but the example they set has proven to decrease the possible chances of relapse.

BARC Helps You Along a Path Towards Freedom

The courage necessary to live a life free from chemical dependency can never be minimized. It takes tremendous fortitude, steadfast hope, and unwavering commitment. Bay Area Recovery Center’s outpatient treatment offers the best possible solution to towards that meaningful life. This is a treatable illness. The caring and professional staff in our IOP program understands full well the struggles you face. The battle is real; we have been there. We offer the most comprehensive and cutting approach to IOP Therapy. Our outpatient treatment program strives to offer the best quality of care you will find not only in Texas but across the country.

If you are in the area, take the first step and contact our office.  It would be a privilege to give you a guided tour of our facilities. You will be surprised the sense of peace and tranquility that surrounds our grounds. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that addiction takes lives, however it does not have to. We believe that a sense of harmony opens the door for patients to embrace sobriety. Bay Area Recovery Center has an effective IOP program that can be the beginning of a productive and meaningful life.

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