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BARC’S Texas Drug Rehab Brings Hope for Those Suffering from Substance Abuse

Since 1992, Bay Area Recovery Center, a Texas drug rehab center, has been improving the lives of those who suffer from addiction with life changing treatment. Of the rehab centers in Houston, BARC offers a range of therapeutic care which has a proven track record in the reduction and determent of long term addiction for those who are at high risk. What we have learned over the course of our service to the community is that addiction is not a respecter of persons. A visit to any Texas drug rehab clinic will provide proof that addiction can debilitate anyone regardless of their gender, age, or socio-economic status.

With an estimated 15 million adults suffering with some form of risk to addiction, the chances of either you or someone you love, having been impacted by addiction is staggeringly high. Here in the United States, the numbers of substance abusers are on the rise with no clear sign that they will drop in the near future. As a result, the number of patients in Houston rehab centers is also climbing. Whether they seek treatment from alcohol, narcotics, self-mutilation or eating disorders, there is evidence to support that modern society is a nation with many addicts. However, there is hope through progressive and effective alcohol and drug rehab programs.

Addiction Impacts Everyone

We understand that this has become a modern cliché, however when it comes to addiction, there is substantive truth to that statement. Addiction does impacts everyone. It is not only the individual suffering from dependence that is impacted by addiction. There are loved ones, family and friends; as well as businesses that are also directly impacted. This is where an effective Texas drug rehab program, like the one established by Bay Area Recovery Center has made its mark. We are one of the premier rehab centers in Houston, winning countless victories for those who want to live a life free from chemical dependency. Our intensive outpatient therapy treatment is the most comprehensive in the area, offering hope to those families whose loved ones suffer from alcohol and drug abuse.

The beneficial impact of our alcohol and drug rehab is far reaching. The truth of the matter is that the toxicity of addiction has a ripple effect. The good news is that, so does a productive life free from chemical dependency. BARC’s Texas drug rehab treatment facilities not only treat the client, but it also treats family, friends and other loved ones through proper counseling and education on the cause of addiction. When entering into one of our Houston rehab centers, the damage caused by the disease is evident. Unfortunately it also goes beyond that of a physical nature. The effects are also mental and spiritual. Fortunately, BARC’s outpatient treatment therapy offers real world hope of living a life free from addiction. When looking for rehab centers in Houston, choose Bay Area Recovery.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab That Works

Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) is a residential and extended care facility located south of Houston, Texas. We have provided treatment from chemical dependency for the better part of twenty-five years. There are five separate facilities, each offering a safe and welcoming environment for those who want to obtain freedom from chemical dependency. BARC’s Houston rehab centers are designed for the purpose of total recovery. You might be asking yourself whether the treatments actually work. This is the biggest fear of anyone who enters into a recovery program. Does alcohol and drug rehab actually work, or does it “manage” the addiction to an acceptable level? This is understandable. It is also easy to relate to due to the fact that the founders of Bay Area Recovery Center were themselves addicted to either drugs or alcohol at one time. BARC does not ever endorse “partial recovery,” or “managing down the addiction to an acceptable level.” This would be no different than enabling the destructive behavior that is ruining the very lives we are trying to salvage. In plain language, BARC does not negotiate with chemical dependency. Of the rehab centers in Houston, we pride ourselves on being among the best.

Our Texas drug rehab practice has the highest success rate within the state. We are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). The success of our Houston rehab centers is predicated upon how we treat chemical dependency. We believe in a very straightforward and pragmatic approach. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs are designed for the sole purpose of total recovery. The goal of Bay Area Recovery Center is to provide the best of the Texas drug rehab programs in an atmosphere where a client can achieve a life of meaning and purpose, free from chemical dependency.

Our Staff Makes the Difference

A key to Bay Area Recovery Center’s success lies within our staff, many of whom were once addicts themselves. Through relating their own experiences with current clients they offer not only hope but practical testimony to the possibilities of successful alcohol and drug rehab. The counselors who serve in our Texas drug rehab program offer living proof to others that recovery is a real and obtainable goals. BARC’s effective Houston rehab centers offer a staff of physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists and nurses all who provide treatment that brings results. They address the mental, physical, spiritual and psychological elements of the individual. At BARC, we are not among your typical rehab centers in Houston.

Our alcohol and drug rehab was designed to treat the whole person, so recovery is attainable. In being able to relate to the journey a client faces, our staff can also gauge more accurately the progress as they each milestone. They can also gauge when there is the potential for relapse and address that before it becomes a habit. The practical experience of others who have gone through treatment brings inspiration as well as gravitas to the recovery process. Of the Houston rehab centers, BARC has the expert knowledge to provide for either you or your loved ones as they enter into chemical dependency treatment.

The First Step to Recovery

Usually the first step is to stage an intervention. At our Houston rehab centers we provide the service in a safe yet effective atmosphere where the addicted person is confronted with the facts about their chemical dependency. Addressing the problem is the key for those who are afflicted with chemical dependency as causes the addicted to accept responsibility for their behavior. It also provides the opportunity for family and friends to show support to their loved ones while they voice their concerns in an atmosphere that is both constructive and very direct.

Of course we know that every situation has its own unique characteristics, however without this point of departure, the journey cannot begin. We have heard that there are many Texas drug rehab programs that administer their interventions with a cookie-cutter approach, not taking into account the particular characteristics of those who are about to enter into treatment. In speaking to those who have made this journey, this is not the way to handle a potential client. Neither is the understandable method of coddling the client by negotiating with the addictive behavior.

Many rehab centers in Houston may try to work with patients and heal them on the patient’s “terms.” In our experience, we have found that when it comes to addiction, it is best to take a position of non-negotiation. This may cause tremendous friction; however, based on our experience, this is a good sign that your loved one will enter into an alcohol and drug rehab program. Any treatment facility should be able to handle staging an intervention. Do not sign up with a program that does not offer this crucial step.

In addition to staging an intervention, our Houston rehab centers offer the following forms of treatment:

  • Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab. Essentially this is a program where clients can receive our comprehensive treatment in a comfortable residential environment. This program is designed for those who are from 17 years of age and up that are able to take part in an extended stay program.
  • Intensive Outpatient Therapy. This is a drug and alcohol rehab program which is offered to those clients who have obligations that do not allow for extended residential treatment. The program allows the client to continue living at their residence while receiving treatment. Each client receives the same treatment as those who opt for residential treatment. As with any of our Houston rehab centers, the goal is for the client to be involved in a welcoming environment that fosters sobriety.
  • Partial Day Treatment Program. This program offers a less restrictive arrangement for those clients who must maintain outside obligations while they become sober. It is conducted within a residential community setting and administered once the client has demonstrated progress as well as a level of stability in their recovery.
  • Drug Detoxification. Of the Texas drug rehab programs, we offer the most comprehensive, medically supervised detox program available. Each client must go through a physical exam, and full psychiatric evaluation before participating in this program. Our stabilization process is conducted in a comfortable and non-institutionalized setting where we continually monitor the client’s vital signs as well as administer a regimented medication program.
  • Women’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program. This alcohol and drug rehab is a non-coed, gender based treatment program that addressed the specific needs of women who struggle with chemical dependency. The residential program offers a safe environment where women are not only treated for chemical dependency, but also engage in constructive therapy treatments such as esteem building. We have found that our unique atmosphere has empowered our clients to grow in their self-confidence as they become free from drugs and alcohol.

Every program in our Texas drug rehab treatment centers is conducted with the utmost of privacy, ensuring patient confidentiality. We believe that every one of our clients is valuable. Addiction does not define the individual; it is a disease that must be treated. You will never experience ridicule and or condemnation in any of our Houston rehab centers. Sobriety cannot be achieved through abuse and the administering of guilt and manipulation. We understand that there may be a Texas drug rehab program that utilizes those methods, however, Bay Area Recovery Center believes that there are counter-productive and only exacerbates the core problem that is rooted in addictive behavior. We believe in firm, yet constructive treatment where a client should be confronted, educated, nurtured and guided in their journey on the road to recovery. There are many rehab centers in Houston, but only one like Bay Area Recovery Center.

The Journey Can Begin Now

We know that to being this journey towards sobriety requires commitment and tremendous courage. Chemical dependency is a terrible disease, yet it is treatable with the most effective program in Texas. Drug rehab offers the best hope for a full recovery for those who are entrenched in the struggle of chemical dependency. One of the more overlooked elements in this journey is understanding addiction. The success in overcoming addiction requires facing the truth while accepting the responsibility of one’s action. In order to do so fully, it is important to have a full understanding of the disease and its effects on the individual, body, soul, mind and spirit. We know that BARC’s alcohol and drug rehab offers the best chance for any of our clients to be treated from this terrible and debilitating mental illness.

Our programs are staffed by a professional team of caring individuals; many of whom have traveled the same road you may be facing. We know our business and our business is helping people battle chemical dependency in an effort to be rid of the chains that have ensnared them. We offer the most cutting edge approach for treatment in an atmosphere that fosters success. After you make the decision to contact us, set up an appointment and view the facilities for yourself. You will be surprised at the harmonious atmosphere and welcoming environment that awaits you. While it is true that addiction impacts many, it does not have to be that way. Our track record of client recovery speaks to that truth. When you are looking into Texas drug rehab treatment facilities the first call should be Bay Area Recovery Center. All it takes is one step in the right direction.

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