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BARC’s Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Paves the Road to Recovery

The counselors who serve the outpatient alcohol rehab program offered at Bay Area Recovery Center understand that battling addiction can seem overwhelming.  However, hope is available for those who want to be free from this debilitating illness, through IOP treatment.  Many patients who have entered into our outpatient program often feel that they are alone.  This sense of isolation can bring with it shame and self-condemnation. The truth of the matter is that you are not alone. In one of our outpatient treatment programs, you and your loved ones will find the supported needed to complete the journey toward recovery.

Addiction impacts everyone.  It is estimated that 23.5 million people in the United States are addicted to drugs or alcohol. That is approximately 1 in 10 persons who are over the age of 12 years old. That is a staggering number.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that only 11 percent of the 23.5 million seek treatment through an outpatient alcohol rehab program. The Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) of Houston, Texas offers a comprehensive outpatient alcohol rehab program. The approach of our outpatient program is to offer treatment in a welcoming, yet professional setting that addresses the whole patient with the goal of permanent wellness.

By addressing the obsession of the mind, physical allergy of the body, and a malady of the spirit we can educate addicts on the reasons why they think they can use without consequence, why they can’t stop when they start and why they feel emotionally broken all at the same time . Our IOP treatment has been scientifically designed to guide addicts, while providing support to their loved ones as they take their step towards complete recovery. No one has to suffer with addiction to drugs and alcohol. The road to recovery can be achieved with Bay Area Recovery’s outpatient alcohol rehab program.

IOP Treatment Brings Hope

Although the road to wellness may seem like a daunting journey, the truth is that intensive outpatient program offers hope and real-world results. In addition to treating the patient, the professional and caring staff in our intensive outpatient program also offers counseling to family and friends as their loved ones embrace sobriety.  We know there is a tough journey ahead for all involved in outpatient treatment. We know it is not an easy road without proper support and professional care. When you or your loved one enters into our intensive outpatient program, rest assured that we are here to aide you and your loved one as they achieve sobriety.

The wake of toxicity that follows addiction has lasting effects if not treated through an intensive outpatient program. It can impact not only the patient’s physical being, but threaten the stability that is needed to maintain a productive and healthy lifestyle. This is where effective outpatient alcohol rehab can address those concerns before they are life threatening, in order to bring about a clear path towards sobriety. Bay Area Recovery’s intensive outpatient treatment treats patients in an environment where they are capable of seeing how the effects of their addiction has negatively impacted their lives, as well as the lives of those around them.

Achieve Freedom through Intensive Outpatient Program

In BARC’s outpatient alcohol rehab program, healing begins with dispelling some of the myths surrounding addiction. Here in the United States, there is a lot of information available in the treatment of addiction. Outside of IOP Treatment, there are also a lot of rumors and inaccurate assumptions made about the use of alcohol. Part of intensive outpatient program is getting individuals to understand the truth about what they are battling. In recent decades it has become clearer that although alcohol may be legal, its lawful status does not lessen its grip. It is not uncommon to find out during IOP treatment that a patient began simply as a “social drinker,” only to find themselves much later to be afflicted by long term chemical dependency. One of the many fallacies in treating addiction is that in terms of impact, alcohol is considered the less aggressive substance to break free from.

Many who have entered into our outpatient alcohol rehab programs have discovered this to be not true. When dealing specifically with dependency on alcohol our IOP treatment program dedicates much of its focus on three major areas which are negatively impacted by those who suffer from alcohol addiction. These are the Physical, the Mental and the Spiritual. When either you or your loved one, enters into our intensive outpatient program, we will address each component to ensure a complete recovery.

The Physical Aspects of Outpatient Treatment

When a patient enters into intensive outpatient treatment, the more obvious symptoms displayed are physical. The patient’s over health and well-being are of the utmost importance to our staff.  In our outpatient program, we adhere to treating the whole person, and part of treating patients during outpatient alcohol rehab is centered on education. Often, when those suffering from chemical dependency medicate themselves, they embrace the escape mechanism the drug offers without understanding the short term and long term damage they are doing to themselves. Proper education in an outpatient program offers the power of information as to how the effects of the addiction impact their physical being.

The Brain

Alcohol has been proven to interfere with the brain’s communicative pathways. It alters how the user views the world around them. While in undergoing therapy, patients will learn to see how this interference alters moods which impacts behavior. This behavior, specific to the patient is one of the many elements addressed during IOP Treatment. The counselors who work in our outpatient program educate the patient as to how their altered behavior resulted in bad choices.

The Heart

While there has been some research to support that moderate usage of alcohol may positive effect in preventing coronary heart disease, do not be misled. The counselors who work in BARC’s outpatient treatment program will tell you that long term effects of alcohol use can lead to high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy, arrhythmias and stroke. When either you or your loved one enters into our outpatient alcohol rehab, you will not be prescribed the “everything in moderation” approach to recovery.  Substance dependency is very dangerous and our intensive outpatient program helps individuals down the road of recovery, which is achieved only through complete abstinence.

The Liver and Pancreas

Long term alcohol dependency has proven to cause a variety of medical problems in these two organs including steatosis, fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatitis. The extensive use of alcohol causes the pancreas to produce toxic substances which bring about pancreatitis.

The Immune System

Due to the erosive effect alcohol has on the body; its immune system weakens making it an easy target for infection and disease.  During our intensive outpatient program, our counselors teach that in addition to pneumonia and tuberculosis, the more aggressive diseases associated with alcohol dependency are cancer of the mouth, esophagus, liver, pancreas, and mammary glands.

In providing the patient with important health information in the outpatient program, Bay Area Recovery Center believes that the patient will be empowered to become their own sobriety advocate. We also educate the patient and their loved ones on how the damage goes beyond that of a physical nature, but also impacts the mental and spiritual state of all involved.  We believe that the education offered through intensive outpatient program brings knowledge. That knowledge brings hope to the addicted as well as their family and friends.

Addressing the Mental State

Of the many things we educate our patients of during IOP treatment; it is becoming aware of the signs of addiction. Other than the physical signs, there are symptoms which indicate that either you or your loved one is suffering from addiction. During therapy in our intensive outpatient program, we address the symptoms of the patient’s addiction as means to better understand that their behavior is linked to their affliction. Anything from missed appointments to a sudden withdrawal from social events and engagements are signs that there are underlying problems which are not being addressed.  During IOP treatment, our staff adhere to the mindset that any avoidance of the subject only increases the level of damage the addiction can cause. Of course the first step in the outpatient alcohol rehab program is admitting there is a problem.

In outpatient treatment, BARC’s approach to addressing the mental state of the patient includes challenging the patient to admit that there is a problem. Before anyone can enter into an outpatient program, there has to be a recognition and acceptance that the addiction has harmed themselves and those around them. This is one of the first hurdles in outpatient treatment; the surrendering to the journey towards sobriety. Prior to entering outpatient treatment, the patient must accept the fact that there is a problem. This is often one the most challenging part on the road to recovery. The reason for this is simple. As one begins outpatient alcohol rehab, living a life free from chemical dependency directly challenges the mental state of the patient. It challenges their security. During IOP treatment, we address the truth about their situation and the consequences their addiction is causing.  We believe that through intensive outpatient treatment, the truth will set you free.

It is important that our patients have an accurate picture of their situation in order to gain their sobriety. This often requires that during our intensive outpatient program, our counselors have to challenge some of the delusions a patient may be harboring. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines delusion as, “a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.”

While this may seem a hard challenge, our intensive outpatient program counselors have the necessary training and real world experience to address the mental state of the patient so that total sobriety can be achieved.

The Spiritual Component of BARC’s Intensive Outpatient Program

In addressing the whole person, we believe that there is a spiritual component to addiction. Oftentimes it is the misunderstanding or lack of spiritual awareness that opens the door to addiction, ushering in long term pain instead of providing relief from suffering. During intensive outpatient program, we get to the root of the addiction in a program that is nurturing and effective. Bay Area Recovery offers help, with the goal to see the patient truly set free from addiction. Intensive outpatient program offers not only relief from suffering, but proper care and treatment so patients can live productive lives, sustained apart from drugs and alcohol.

Freedom is at Hand

Anyone can be impacted by this debilitating condition. This is a hard fact. While addiction does not discriminate, the truth of the matter is that every person is unique and every situation is different. This is precisely why we address the whole person, as a unique individual, during IOP treatment. It almost goes without saying that the afflicted individual is not the only one who is impacted by this debilitating disease.  Family and friends of those suffering from chemical dependency also bear the burden of the illness. The good news is that you are not alone. Quality help is available. Our IOP treatment offers hope to the family and friends of those who suffer from addiction. The courage and willingness to receive intensive outpatient treatment will be rewarded when either you or your love one is able to live a productive life, free from addiction.

If either you or someone you love is burdened by the struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, contact Bay Area Recovery Center. We will assist you in taking the first step in one of the most important journeys. We offer a comprehensive outpatient alcohol rehab program that ministers to the whole person in a welcoming and professional setting. Freedom is at hand.

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