Understanding Addiction

The first step to help an addict is to understand addiction. Addiction can be likened to an allergy. To some individuals, taking that first drink or using that drug the first time sets off an “allergic” reaction that insists it be done again and again. One drink means ten drinks for an addict. After just one taste, it becomes a physical or medical problem, which is a battle the addict can’t win alone. So, the challenge is to never take that first step again — that’s a mental battle. And that’s a battle the addict can win.

Once you understand the basic “allergic” nature of addiction, the next step is to learn how to identify an addict. How do I know if he’s an addict?

While the process of drug and alcohol recovery is a struggle, there is hope. Bay Area Recovery (BARC), located just outside of Houston, Texas, is a place of optimism, inspiration and aspiration. We safely help clients navigate the long road from addiction to recovery — in an encouraging and supportive environment.

A significant component that sets BARC apart from other drug and alcohol recovery centers is that we insist on educating our clients about the nature of addiction. We want them to understand about themselves, how drugs and alcohol have affected their lives and what effective addiction recovery means. With complete understanding, fierce determination and ongoing education, the client can open the door to a new way of life — free from addiction.

Drug and alcohol recovery is possible, but for most people, it’s just too hard to do on their own. With the proper care and professional guidance that Bay Area Recovery offers from its comfortable facilities in Texas, addicts can get the help they need to live a normal life.



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