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Today was my last day living at House 4. Walking through this arch felt completely surreal. Like leaving home. like leaving the nest for the real world, a world I can now genuinely live in, love in, and not just exist in. That house, all the women in it, everyone that came up and lead groups or meetings or just hung out with us…it put the light back in my eyes. The laughter back in my life. And the love…God the love. That house became home. More of a home than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. It turns out though, that what Chuck kept saying was true. My home exists in my heart. Because I don’t live at house 4 anymore, but I still feel perfectly at home, perfectly at peace, and perfectly happy in all of my vast imperfection and present cheesiness. Thank god for House 4, thank god for BARC, thank god for my teachers and what I have learned. I know I will stumble and I know there are still mistakes to be made and lessons to be learned, but I also know that life will never be the same. I know that I will never be the same, and that is so precious…I can’t wait to pay it forward
 — feeling blessed.

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