When You’re Ready to Get Help, How do You Find the Right Drug Treatment Program?

Lonely addict manChoosing to seek professional help for your addiction issues from a drug rehabilitation program is a significant step towards recovery and sobriety, but finding the right rehab facility is key to realizing the best results. Investigating any potential drug rehab program before committing can help ensure that you choose a rehabilitation center that offers high-quality, effective treatment–and here are six of the most important questions to ask during your research process.

What is the program’s treatment philosophy?

Different drug rehabilitation programs utilize different treatment philosophies. No one type of treatment is necessarily best for every recovering addict. However, it is important to ensure that the drug rehab program that you choose has a philosophy that matches your individual needs and expectations for the treatment process and outcomes. Ask any rehab center that you are considering about their approach and how they define treatment success.

What is the rehab facility’s environment like?

Drug rehab facilities can range in quality, with certain high-cost options offering luxurious amenities for a price. The most important things to consider when evaluating any rehab program’s environment, however, are whether the facilities are safe and secure with a positive atmosphere that is free from negative external influences.

What is the program’s staff-to-patient ratio?

In general, a high staff-to-patient ratio can help ensure that you receive the personalized care and individual attention needed to help you address your specific substance abuse issues. Beyond the specific ratio, also look into the types of treatment professionals that the rehab facility keeps on staff, such as medical personnel, therapists and counselors, social workers and specialized substance abuse technicians.

Is medically-assisted drug detoxification provided alongside inpatient treatment?

Because many drugs cause physical as well as mental dependence, undergoing medically-assisted drug detoxification before entering a comprehensive inpatient or outpatient program can help ensure that the recovering addict faces the withdrawal process safely. If you do need the help of medically-assisted detox, finding a rehab facility that offer such a program itself can provide the best continuity of care.

Is ongoing support offered after the initial course of treatment is completed?

Relapse following the completion of inpatient or outpatient drug rehabilitation is not uncommon. Often recovering addicts have much greater odds of achieving long-term sobriety when they have ongoing professional support following treatment. An effective treatment program will usually provide an aftercare program that supplies former patients with the tools to address challenges after the initial course of treatment is completed.

Does the program accept your insurance?

Drug rehabilitation programs can be expensive, and finding a treatment center that accepts your insurance can help defray the costs of rehab significantly. Check to see if the program you’re interested in is in your insurance network. Some treatment programs also offer financing help or payment plans to help patients afford treatment when they need it.

Choosing the right rehabilitation program may seem like a daunting task, but it ultimately holds a lot of importance to your being successful in your sobriety.  Using these questions in making a choice will be well worth the time spent.

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