What do I need for a family member to start drug rehab in Texas?

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Helping a loved one start alcohol and/or drug rehab in Texas isn’t always an easy option. Contacting Bay Area Recovery Center to setup a consultation will usually be the first step in helping a family member get the treatment they need. The trained staff at BARC can also help with interventions and other similar situations to help urge the relative or friend to seek help for their addictions.

While each individual patient’s stay at Bay Area Recovery Center will be tailored to their individual needs, seven days worth of clothes and any personal toiletry items that do not contain alcohol should be brought with them to the center. It is also important to know whether treatment will be covered by any available health insurance or will be paid for out-of-pocket.


The decision to start looking for drug treatment centers is usually a personal one. In some cases, patients hit a point in their lives where they decide rehab is their only option for making a change. In other instances, a family member or other loved one urges them to check into a program. And sometimes the need for a treatment center comes when the court system decides treatment for chemical dependency is a better option than incarceration.

With five locations in Texas, patients at Bay Area Recovery Center are usually able to start treatment right away with little delay. BARC offers inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization (PHP), aftercare, and womens’ specialty services for alcohol, drug, and other substance related addictions.


There are a variety of different drug and alcohol rehab centers in Texas. While each of them have their unique way of helping patients, it is often those that focus on both mental health and physical detoxification that are the most successful. Programs that include medical staff, psychiatrists, and counselors within the location plus an aftercare program are usually the best for long term patient success.

Bay Area Recovery Center believes that making sure patients understand the addictive nature of substances is key to any long term recovery plan. Helping area residents for over two decades, this method of combining detox and counseling has allowed many people the ability to free themselves from substance abuse. An alumni program also helps those who have left treatment but still need occasional guidance.

Bay Area Recovery Center is a rehabilitation center offering alcohol and drug rehab in Houston, Galveston, and Clear Lake. It has helped hundreds of patients overcome addiction, depression, and other illness since 1992. Contact Bay Area Recovery Center today for further information or to find out how to help a loved one.

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