When should I look into a drug and alcohol rehab center for my loved one?

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Making the decision to look into drug and alcohol rehab centers for a family member isn’t always easy. There are quite a few in centers that offer alcohol and drug detox in Houston, and sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start.

Once it has been determined that a loved one’s addiction is causing problems in their life, it is important to call Bay Area Recovery Center. This might often mean that relationships are being affected, job problems, legal intervention, or possibly something even worse. The exact moment in which finding a center that offers drug rehab in Texas is going to be different for each person, just like the level of treatment being provided. The staff at BARC will then help determine the best course of action for orchestrating an intervention (if needed) and putting together an appropriate course of treatment.


While many drug and alcohol rehab centers will have their own protocols for detox, all will help patients work through the mental and physical changes associated with eliminating these harmful substances from their bodies. Often this includes helping individuals with stabilization plans and could include detoxification medications.

Bay Area Recover Center evaluates the mental and physical health of each patient before putting them through a detox program. Its staff of medical professionals, psychologists, and counselors will then put together a thorough plan to determine the exact length and steps needed to complete treatment. BARC also helps patients plan for aftercare, either through its alumni program, as an outpatient, or with other area groups.


Most drug and alcohol rehab centers will offer a range of stay lengths and services. It is important to research drug and alcohol rehab centers that focus on the biggest problem a patient has, whether it is drug abuse, alcohol abuse, a mental disorder, an eating disorder, or something else. By keeping this one issue at the forefront, most treatment facilities will be able to help with the other minor disorders along the way.

Cost is also an important thing to consider when researching treatment facilities. Rehabilitation locations in Texas can be as basic as needed or as luxurious as a resort. However, just because a facility is fancy does not mean that it is the best treatment option. Select a center that meets the needs of the patient without causing any financial detriment.

Bay Area Recovery Center has five locations in the Houston, Clear Lake, and Galveston areas. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Bay Area Recovery Center today.

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