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Critical to see where we are at fault in situations we are involved in. Its how freedom is experienced. However it just as critical to not stop there. Shifting the blame i felt from you to me can cause self criticism which will only be expressed outward again. We can only pass on what we have. Kindness and compassion for self and others will make the world we all live in a better place. See the truth all the way through. WE are all Gods Kids and doing the best we can with the amount of light we have. Taking you off the hook by putting ourselves on the hook begs a question. Why does anyone have to be on the hook? If one of us is Gods kid….all of us are. If one of us isn’t …..None of us are!! Its seems very easy to criticize others and myself,,,,,,,, I believe encouragement is necessary to help us all recognize the truth about ourselves that already exists.

So…….At the end of the day….at the end of the month…..at the end of the year…..at the end of my life…. I want to be an encourager instead of a criticizer.


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