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Success Rates promoted by Rehabs

  How do treatment providers come up with drug and alcohol success rates and what is that data really used for?   Externally the question about success rates normally arise when someone is searching for substance abuse treatment for themselves or a loved one.  They are doing their due diligence researching treatment providers trying to…

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How to find a reputable drug rehab?

Now days there are so many treatment options when choosing a substance abuse provider for you or a loved one.  Finding a reputable drug rehab can surely be a daunting task.  Years ago the rehab industry was mainly made up with treatment facilities with one main purpose and that was saving people lives.  Providing help…

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Ripple Effect – Drug Rehab Testimonial

I wanted to share a recent drug rehab testimonial we received and briefly discuss how a person’s personal recovery reaches more than just themselves.   It seems you always hear more about the addiction and how far the tentacles can reach as it destroys not only the addict but entire families, friends and careers.  All the negative…

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