Addiction Intervention

Are you watching your loved one fade away? Does it seem everyone knows about the problem but your loved one? If you are waiting for him or her to "snap out of it," you may be sorely disappointed, and the bottom that’s hit could be death.
Addicts probably won’t ask for help on their own — part of the illness is the inability to recognize the need for help. But there is something you can do. Through our professional drug and alcohol intervention services, our trained counselors can help you and your family hold an intervention in our facilities just outside of Houston, Texas. Through family participation and professional guidance, you can help your loved one begin the road to recovery today.
The goal of drug and alcohol intervention is to help your loved one recognize the reality and extent of the problem and to agree to addiction treatment. It is an opportunity for friends and family to do something constructive for the addict, rather than being helpless, passive or enabling the individual's addiction.
Because the person receiving the drug or alcohol intervention is often in denial and unwilling to cooperate, it is important to have the professionals from Bay Area Recovery Center support and guide you during this major event. We provide a systematic approach that helps addicts truly recognize crossroads and empowers you to be strong for your loved one. It will be important for you to stop rescuing and enabling the addict, this only allows him or her to continue current behaviors. This may be difficult, but it is a necessary part of the process.
Mother and daughter bonding

We'll help you gather friends and family to support the intervention, time it when the addict is sober (if possible), explain clearly what the drug abuse has caused and what you will do if he or she doesn't get help. Remember, if addicts could stop on their own, they would have already. This is your opportunity to be actively involved in the recovery process.    

Help with an Intervention

If you would like help holding an intervention, please contact Bay Area Recovery Center today. As always, we unconditionally respect and protect your privacy.
Once you’ve held an intervention and they've  agreed to professional care and counseling, what happens next? Rest assured – you both will learn how to get well. Please call 713.705.3457 or 281.924.0798 to set up an intervention.