About Bay Area Recovery Center


Located just south of Houston, Texas, Bay Area Recovery Center (BARC) is a residential and extended care facility that has provided relief from and treatment for chemical dependency since 1992.

Fully licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), ImageHandler (15)our five facilities are within close proximity of each other and provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the treatment of chemical dependency.

At BARC, our success is due in part to our commitment, approach and understanding of addiction, which is reflected in individuals who go on to live happy, useful and meaningful lives, in
spite of their seemingly hopeless conditions. In our chemical dependency program in Houston, we combine cutting-edge philosophies with down-to-earth, straightforward principles that have a 70-year track record as the most effective treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction.

These are treatable mental illnesses, and we believe the approach, delivery and atmosphere in which treatment is experienced are the single most important elements in achieving success. We are dedicated professionals, committed to the care and improvement of human life.

In recognition of this commitment, we strive to provide the highest-quality care. We recognize the worth and uniqueness of each individual and treat those we serve with complete compassion, kindness and understanding. We believe the atmosphere in which addiction recovery takes place is significant to the growth of the human spirit. The setting for our chemical dependency program in Texas includes private residences that are clean, modern and comfortable with lush, well-kept grounds.

There is an overall feeling of peacefulness and harmony in this environment that contributes to the success of our program. Our chemical dependency treatment facilities are located just outside of Houston, Texas. Please browse our Web site to learn more about our drug and alcohol programs and resources.

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Help with an Intervention

If you would like help holding an intervention, please contact Bay Area Recovery Center today. As always, we unconditionally respect and protect your privacy.
Once you’ve held an intervention and they've agreed to professional care and counseling, what happens next? Rest assured – you both will learn how to get well. Please call 713.705.3457 or 281.924.0798 to set up an intervention.

Our Philosophy

backyard at bay area recoveryOur drug and alcohol treatment philosophy incorporates a variety of clinical components to create a comprehensive and effective treatment program. The components include detox, individual therapy, group therapy, and ongoing recovery treatment as needed.

Our clinical staff is comprised of dedicated professionals led by Dr. Patricia Corke M.D., who is an addictionologist and psychiatrist with 44 years of experience in Houston, TX.

We strongly believe that in order for treatment to be successful, each client's individual circumstances must be taken into consideration. Everyone comes to us with a unique story and their road to healing differs as well.

Thus, while our drug and alcohol treatment programs are primarily designed to address the client’s addiction, the staff works closely with them during all stages of treatment and addresses their individual needs as they arise, using modalities that the client responds to.

Our goal is for every client to discontinue their abuse patterns and rebuild their lives using the tools and resources from our alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs.

Additional objectives we strive to achieve include helping everyone that participates in a treatment program at Bay Area Recover Center:

  • improve mental and physical energy
  • increase understanding of personal responsibility
  • develop a connection with the world around them
  • improve ability to take care of themselves
  • identify spiritual beliefs and connections
  • enhance mental clarity and focus

Our Team

Our clinical staff also includes registered nurses, social workers, a licensed professional counselor, licensed chemical dependency counselors, counselor interns and substance abuse technicians.

Employing a strong team of experienced therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, and addiction treatment professionals, we allow families to have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones will have the highest level of care during their stay at our rehabilitation facility.

Our Treatment Centers

We have five private pay rehab locations in Houston, Dickinson, Webster, and Pasadena. We also have two TDCJ rehab facilities for government ordered or sponsored treatment.


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